Jan 23, 2009

Social Studies Project K-2 grades..

Social Studies: cut n paste colage

You will need old magazines, glue, scissors, big piece of construction paper.

Have children look threw the magazines and cut out pictures of there choice enough to fit on the construction paper for a colage and set aside.

Then have kids paste to the construction paper in any order they like, so fun!

When they are done ask them social studies questions like.

1. What type of objects did you use in your picture?

2. Which objects would you find in a house?

3. Which objects would you find outside?

4. Can you find any of these objects in our house?

5. which room in a house would you find the objects?

6. What kind of a store do you buy these objects?

7. What do you like best about your picture?

This is a fun project for K-2 grades, you can also use magazines with nature pictures and ask science questions..


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