Feb 17, 2009

What type of curriculum will you use and where will you get it?

  I mentioned before that depending on the state you live you have many options for home schooling once you know what is available to you, you have to decide how you will be home Schooling.

If you use a Home Based Charter School, they will supply you with the curriculum required for your child's grade and you will have a Teacher to assist you. This may or may not cost you anything some home based private schools will have a charge but the charter is usual public by state, this is something you will have to look into.

Other Home School options will require you to provide all necessary curriculum to your child for their grade, you will have to purchase most of it and the Internet has many sites were you can get FREE lessons and curriculum ideas and worksheets.

Curriculum Sites: These may or may not be free sites. Although it seems that most offer some free worksheets, etc... Some require you to purchase a membership for full site capabilities.










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There are many choices for curriculum. The info I provide is meant to be a guide for you, you still need to do your own research so you can make informed choices for your family.

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