Apr 6, 2009

Learning Latin and knowing it Makes You Smarter!

I knew Latin was important!

I found this video about why we should know Latin, check it out it is great and makes me want to Learn even more.

Why Study Latin?

Tell me what you think.


A Homeschool STUDENT said...

I think that studying ANY langauge is great and good for children, even passively. But personally I'd rather learn and be taught something modern and practical. If your going for that "SAT" bit then French is just as well, its 35pts difference in the average but homeschool isn't JUST about test scores. To this day I wouldnt' mind learning the basics of Latin but I'm looking forward more to French, Spanish and Italian than to Latin

If your not put off by a religious curriculum however, I suggest you look into the kids version of the Latina Christiana program by memoria press.

A Homeschool STUDENT said...

PS. Learning ANY second language provides you with the first 5 benefits provided in that video. Learning Latin itself doesnt teach you the history and culture--you have to study it, and perhaps knowing the language will make you more curious as to it.

So, I'm not encouraging you to abandon Latin, but you may want to evaluate the decision and progress every few months. You may want to add another or even replace Latin with another foreign langauge.

SAT is important only for getting INTO College, Modern Langauge will serve and benefit continuously throughout ones life time

cahomebizmom said...

Latin is alive in the languages mentioned in the video, as well as in medacine and science, law and we cannot forget much of our english language is Latin some of it is even spelled exactly the same. Not only that many great literature is in Latin as well as the Latin Vulgate the only bible for 1500 years and the bible of the early church. Thank you for letting me know about the curriculum by the way. I plan on doing Latin for a long time as well as speak it in our home and read Latin literature.I am not to worried about the sat thing my kids will be plenty educated with out Latin but I feel a calling to teach the language to myself as well as my children. My family is Italian speaking and my mom speaks Italian Spanish and some Latin we also listen to some spanish music and once we learn Latin it will be very easy to learn both Italian and Spanish many people can speak several languages and we have it in us!
Thanks for the replies I hope to read you soon LOL!
Thanks again!
From Joanne

cahomebizmom said...

Yes we are learning the history and culture as well!

A Homeschooled STUDENT said...

If your family is already multilingual then thats great! Spanish and Italian are both fascinating langauges, in my opinion.

Its great that your able to expose your children to foreign languages from an early age!!! Best of luck with your Latin studies and I'll be keeping an eye on your kids progress! I absolutely love the idea of watching fellow homeschoolers grow and blossom. One day I hope to develop my own curriculum. With special emphasis for foreign language, Math, and science.

Oh, if your interested, I saw a copy of OLIVIA the essential Latin Edition at the book store the other day for fairly cheap. I'd be more than happy to pick it up for you. Email me at amaam89@gmail.com

cahomebizmom said...

Thank you! I found the olivia books pretty cheap to on amozon that is were I usually get my books from. But thank you for the offer, I look forward to chatting again message me anytime. My name is Joanne thank you very much for you participation in my blog!


cahomebizmom said...

By the way I agree with you on that any language improves our IQ it is just plain good to learn language no matter what it is!