Jun 23, 2009

SHOCKING! Circus Animal Cruelty

For Fathers day we went to a circus that was in our town not really thinking to much about it just going to take the kids they had never been to one. Some animal rights people were there protesting it and handing out pamphlets I took them, I have always been concerned about life issues even ones concerning animals. We talked with them a little and they were very nice, we did go in to the show and it was nice the kids liked it I mostly like the rope acrobats I have always wanted to do that lol!

When we got home we read the information and went to the site circuses.com and learned more about the animals, how they are in many cases they are scared to death and hooked and beaten! The elephants in many cases have TB and are denied medical treatment the TB can be spread to humans who touch or ride elephants.

We learned that there are many animal free circuses to go to and from now I on I am going to educate before we go to entertainment that use animals. For me it is not cool to mistreat the animals we must respect there life as a creature of God.

Our eyes have been opened to this issue thanks to the people who were there to educate us on the issue.

We should all get more informed on all life issues, animals and people!

While this in going on in the circus we also have another life issue to be educated about where 3,000-4,000 unborn babies are mutilated everyday and labeled as toxic waste! If we did abortions on animal mothers and there unborn fetuses the animal rights supporters would be outraged and up in arms to say the least! Yet many of them are pro-choice when it comes to the abortion choice for humans!

Please educate on both issues!

Do your part!

Vote against abortion for the unborn humans!

Vote animal rights for the animals!

We simply cannot tolerate this type of mistreatment of the humans or animals!

To learn more about voting against abortion choice nrlc.org

For more info on abortion lifedynamics.com abortionfacts.com

For info on animal free circuses and the treatment of animals in the circus circuses.com

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Jun 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope you all had a great fathers day, we wish you all the best!

Jun 12, 2009

A Lesson For The Kids!

A month in a half ago a couple of brown doves made a nest in our patio we were delighted of course. We watched them lay eggs and they sat on them so patiently, we video taped them everyday and the kids loved it every morning we woke and checked on the birds.

When the eggs hatched we got the new born birds on tape they were so small and cute. They grew bigger and bigger everyday and we taped them. As they got bigger and ready to leave the nest they would stretch out their wings and we could tell they got more anxious from being in that little nest area all the time. I thought it was amazing how they just waited until they were ready very patiently it was so nice to see such a miracle in our own back yard great for the kids to.

This morning when I woke up they were gone, they had flown out of the nest, I didn't know were they went, I didn't know they were hanging around we kept looking for them all day to see if they were around but I didn't see them.

My kids were playing outside when our dog ran out and then I herd my six year old scream Mom angels got a bird! We ran out and told her to drop it and she did, it was one of the baby birds! She had killed it instantly with one bite! To make matters worse the other baby bird got scared and flew over the fence in the neighbors yard were they have four little dogs, the dogs weren't out and the bird disappeared so I don't know what happened to it.

Now the parents are hanging around and it seems like they are looking for the babies and don't know what is going on.

We are upset about it we watched them grow and documented it and my kids got to see this miracle take place and then this happened my kids also got to see the other side of things unfortunately that is life.

Prior to this our dog ran out one night and killed a rat with one bite!
I explained to my kids that a dog is a predator to the birds and small animals and that is just how life is.

It is still upsetting so I just wanted to share it with you sorry for the sad story!

A lesson for the kids!

We are going to bury the baby bird and say good by at least we got to see them and know them as long as we did and we get to have it on tape.

From Joanne

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Jun 8, 2009

Character Building

There are two ways to live your life, One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everthing is a miracle.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Stop And See The Miracles Everyday

We work on character building as a part of our home education, I get a binder with the character building curriculum to cover ca standard for character building so I am posting this to talk about that a little and tell you about how I hopefully am building good character and values in my kids. We all got to do our best because when they are grown up we no longer have a vote, and that scares me! We have to do our best at raising them so we can be confident that they will make good choices as adults most of the time!

Character Building Lesson

Don't just stop to smell the roses, stop to see the miracles around you!

My kids and I go for walks, less often then we should, But when we do we like to find miracles, I told my son we should call them miracle walks instead of nature walks anyway we look at flowers, bugs, people, plants and animals and we say there is a miracle and we talk about how everywhere we look we can see miracles. I want my kids to grow up thinking that way and taking the time to stop and see the miracles, take the time to appreciate Gods miracles and all that he has given us. I feel it is so important, we must all make it a point to do this and if you do already great do it more!

On our walk we seen beautiful flowers, plants bugs we even saw a worm in the water, and we were just in our neighborhood taking a walk so you can do this anywhere. If you go to the store make it a point to say look at all of the miracles that are here and start by pointing out with your kids all of the miracles you see!

I can't help but feel like to many people don't even take not even a little time to see the miracles that are all around them. In our society it is legal to kill 3-4,000 of the most precious of Gods miracles daily and many stay silent and do nothing while others are strait out condoning it and people actually put up with it, STAND UP!

With Out Life We Have Nothing!
Remember Life In All That You Do!
Like I teach my kids God is life and anything that has life in it also has God in it!

"What you do unto the least of you, you do unto me"!

I am definitely going to do this more, I hope you can to!
You are a Miracle!
Thanks for reading!

Jun 4, 2009

Fetal Development

The miracle of life and human development this is a topic we talk about often in our home, I made this video and many others you can see the rest at my you tube account unbornhumanrights. Watch my video it is not graphic and great to watch with kids then talk about how they grew and developed and continue to do so, a great science topic.

The song is On Eagles Wings and it is sung by my cousin Nokomis I felt it was great for the video my son thought so too.

You will be viewing a true miracle when you see the wonderful images in the video, don't forget to see the miracles that are around you everyday!

Thank for watching tell your Friends!