Aug 6, 2009

Back to School

Soon we will be officially starting school back up and we are getting ready for it I have gotten the school stuff organized and my son is excited to be a 1st grader. I told him no messing around from now on he is in big boy school no more baby school!

We made it one year and can do it again one day at a time!

I hope you all are getting ready to have a great week and weekend I will be back to post about our 1st grade year and how it is all going!

From Joanne


Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi There!

I've been thinking about YOU and homeschooling! :-) I literally just contacted the Charter school in our county and are waiting to hear back from them. Just getting an early start for next year (kindergarten). I did, in the meantime, find a great site for Pre-K Learning activities, too!

Must reconnect again soon, if you don't mind. I could surely use some more great advice. Great to see you back!

Enjoy Big Boy School!

Many Blessings....

Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

Tamara Kidd said...

I'm looking forward to hearing how you go. Over here in Australia it's the third term back after winter holidays. We only have 2 weeks of holidays and then 6 over the Christmas time when it is summer here. That time takes on a festival feel for an extended time and the new year brings on a new school year too, so starting a new school year in August takes a lot of immagination on my part! Are you using a curriculum? how is it going? I'm mostly taking observational notes now as I've set the room up with their 'program' from the Montessori Method and I stand back and let them learn. My daughter is in 3rd grade and my son would be Kindergarten/prep/ the year before 1st grade here... he's 5 years old, 6 in March next year. All the best :)

cahomebizmom said...

Thanks for the comments I will be posting and sharing info and experience. Australia sounds good I would love to go some day yes I am using ca state standard curriculum then we suppliment with what ever we can by getting books at the library and going to the musium or using games etc.. I have heard good things about the Montessori method, I like to keep all the holidays in mind and we do activity and read books about during the month we are also starting latin again and I want to also do Italiam since my family speaks it.

Roxan I am glad to see you are staking steps tourd home schooling it is never to early to start and gather info, email me anytime nice to hear from you!

Nice to hear from you both thanks for the support!