Nov 18, 2010

Hart Ransom Home Based Charter School

   Hart Ransom is a A Home based Public Charter school in Stanislaus County. They offer a great home based program k-8. We are with the home based program and have been for three years. They offer various classes for the children to attend and fun field trip experiences. The staff is very friendly as well as the teachers. Each student gets the expert assistance and advise of one of the advisory teachers. The advisory teachers are their to assist you and your family through this home school experience. They also assist you in curriculum selection for your student you then get the curriculum for the year and your teacher is always their to help if you need it. What are the responsibilities of the student and parent? Each student must complete three samples work pages a month as well as AWR paper work that you the parent must fill out it is only one page per student and very reasonable. Every year a Winter Reception is held and entertainment provided. We like it and have has a great experience so far this last three years and look forward to many more years. This year or next my youngest will also be enrolled so he also can take advantage of all the great classes and opportunity that my oldest can enjoy. For more info Hart Ransom Home Based Public School program.

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Home Based Charter Schools

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