Dec 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

     First off I want to say I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Although this is only the beginning of the calender year established by Cesar. The period of about 3651/4 solar days required for one revolution of the earth around the sun or a cycle in the Gregorian calendar of 365 or 366 days divided into 12 months beginning with January and ending with December.

We must be reminded that every moment is a new opportunity for change. 

For those who do not really know me, you should know that I do not make New Years resolutions. Instead I prefer to take the time to make the necessary changes, daily. I don't have to tell you that we all have somethings that we know we need to change or do better on. The beginning of the year is no exception!

Every moment we can decide to change or not, do good or not, make a wise choice or not. The fact is most people who make New Years resolutions don't keep them for very long, if at all, they always fail because for the most part it is being done for the wrong reasons.

If you want to change you will and it won't matter what day or hour it is. I wish you all health, happiness and truth, today and tomorrow just the same as I would any day of the year.

A few years ago I created this quote "Today I will be better than I was yesterday!" Every moment of every day is a chance for you and me to be better people, betters parents, spouses, children, and most importantly walking examples of Gods love and grace.

"Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect" Matthew 5:48 and this applies to our lives every single day, every single second of it!

When it comes to setting goals you have to want it for the right reasons or you will never do it. Find your why and just make it happen! Don't talk about how you will do it, just do it. We will say more with our examples then with our words. Be a good example to others and that is the best gift you can give!

I hope all is well with you and your families!

Please read  This Is The Season For Giving and Charity!

Dec 18, 2011

Lentil Soup Recipe

   This is a recipe I made up, it is a great simple Lentil soup recipe using the Organic Gourmet Vegetable Bouillon cubes. You can use chicken stock but I like a more veggie taste for Lentil soup. Here is the directions to make it the way I do, it always comes out great, I hope it does for you to! I also do not use any ham or bacon fat etc.. This is a vegan style lentil soup.

Lentil Soup

1 small to medium onion chopped
1 big carrot chopped
1 celery stalk chopped
3 small potatoes chopped into small bite size pieces
A clove or two of chopped garlic
1 cup dried lentils rinsed and drained

Put all veggies in a pot, saute for a few min in a little olive oil.
Add enough water to cover veggies completely, the water should be about half in above the veggies in the pot.

Bring to a boil and add vegetable bouillon about 2 cubes (see package directions for how much water per bouillon cube) I use Organic Gourmet.

Once boiling add lentils and simmer on med high until lentils are tender.

You may want to add seasoning as desired, taste your soup to see what it needs. I did add a little extra salt but you don't have to the bouillon has many flavors including salt.


By Joanne Utke

Nov 23, 2011

The Nature of Unschooling

Thoughts on learning from an unschooling parent - what happens when you skip school and play outside?

Dundas Independent Video Association (DIVA) (c)2007

Nov 18, 2011

Easy Ornament Crafts

   Make easy ornaments for Christmas this year! Give as a gift and make some for your self, kids love this stuff. We are going to do some of the these ideas this weekend. And you probably have most of the materials at home already. Instruction on the site so you can do the two in the pictures plus more....

Just click the picture.

Beaded Star Ornaments
Pipecleaner Snowflake Ornaments
Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments
Cinnamon Applesauce Dough, make a fragrant ornament
Baker's Clay (Simple Salt Dough) for making ornaments with cookie cutters or your own shapes
Craft Stick Sled
Craft Stick Star/Snowflake
Pinecone Bird Feeder
Cookie Cutter Clay Pottery Ornaments
Clay Pot Bells

Sep 21, 2011

Famous Home/Self Educators

   Top 10 Famous historical character who were not schooled or had very little schooling.  Note that these people are the smartest, wisest most influential people in our history! If you watch the video you will see an even greater list, it also has a lot of people from our own day as well.

1. Jesus
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Leonardo Da Vinci
The Wright Brothers
7. Claude Monet
8. Wolfgang Mozart
  Mark Twain
Beatrix Potter

Famous Homeschoolers

Sep 15, 2011

Super Mario Art!

These are Super Mario Pictures that my eight year old drew with markers. He loves Super Mario and video games. Check out his blog here at Game Master

Super Mario 1

Super Mario 2

Super Mario 3

Sep 10, 2011

Computer Art Work By My Son

    My kids both love art and do it daily, they also love computers and have learned how to do some really cool art work with the Paint program on our family computer.  Here are a few of pictures done by my oldest son who is 8 years old. He also loves Mario Bros and video games, he is always working on something video game oriented. His love of Mario Bros really shows in some of their art work.

This last one was done by my 8 year old using Photo Shop Elements, I don't really know what it means but he calls it Rainbow Ride!

My oldest son also has his own blogger for Super Mario Bros you can check it out here He writes the posts himself.

Sep 9, 2011

Reward Charts and Childrens Behavior

        I wanted to write something about reward charts and children's behavior. If you are like me you have probably tried many different methods of reward charting, especially if you watch Super Nanny or have ever attended school.

First I want to out line some of the most common types of reward charting and the basic principles around reward charts. Schools often use reward charts as a way to control the behavior of the children by rewarding desired behavior. This has since been carried on to the home where parents are seeking to control or induce a more desirable behavior of their children.

The purpose of reward charts is to reward good behavior so that the child does more of that, and eventually looses the want for misbehavior simple because the reward is worth it. Seems simple and does work to reach those goals in many kids, but there are side effects, and the results can be short lived and fake! I will explain more about what I have experienced with my own children.

We all want our children to behave, be kind to everyone always, and never misbehave, I am so totally one of those parents! I want my kids to always be kind to each other and always be respectful, yes I know this is not realistic and this is why I'm writing this post.

Parents think that by controlling the behavior of their children, they will learn to become good citizens and good people. The truth is our children are already good people, and already want to be good citizens.

Children also want to be free and live a life that is not oppressed by others, sure they may not know what oppression means yet, but that is what they want! It is the same as what you want for your self, and just about everyone else!

I have learned so much through my so far 8 years experience with my own children. I have used reward charts in the past  mainly because many parenting and teaching experts say to use reward charts, stickers charts, ticket systems, and behavior check lists, to control children's behavior.

I have used many different methods of reward charting and have found that at first they work well, the child is motivated, it is new and different, and the reward is enough at first to induce desired behavior. After a few days it looses effectiveness for one reason or another.

I have also found that trying to keep up with rewards all day for good behavior to be exhausting, and my children were beginning to expect some kind of material reward for good behavior all the time. At first when children are real young stickers work well, the child gets older and stickers are not such a motivation anymore. Many parents move on to points, (count me as one of them) points can then be redeemed for a privilege or something that the child wants to do or have.

I remember as a child my mom, in a attempt to get me to want to learn, and behave in school, at one point was buying me toys for good grades. Many parents do this as well as use monetary rewards, especially for older kids. They say that they are preparing kids for the real world by preparing them for a job where behavior is rewarded with money.

The problem is when we reward children with material or monetary things we are not teaching them to be self motivated! I have found this to be true in my own children, and I am now just beginning to see this and making the changes in my home to reverse it, I am thankful to be learning this now!

It is the "whats in it for me" attitude! This is what reward charts and material rewards do to children. I have seen this first hand.

I started to notice that my kids began to be good or make good choices because they would be rewarded with some kind of material or monetary reward. They began to loose their self motivation and simply being good because they wished to be a good person and contribute in a positive way to the family team.

When we reward good behavior with material things we are creating materialism in our children, and the child begins to feel entitled towards rewards, instead of the internal good feelings that come from good behavior (good self esteem). Likewise children never really learn self discipline, and the drive to do the right things, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Children then equate what is right with what material things they will get for the behavior, this should be a big red flag in your mind right now! They learn that the behavior is only worth some sort of material or monetary reward. Instead of the true rewards that we want our children to create in them self, like feeling good about a job well done, and knowing that being a good person, and making good choices is worth so much more then some material reward.

They learn that A gets them B, taking out any real reasoning as to why they should or shouldn't do this or that. It is very self serving, and I am afraid that it is counter productive to what we really want to teach our kids.

These are not the messages I wanted to show to my children, and I can see that reward charts have not helped my child's behavior but made it worse! When I first started being a parent, my goal was for my children to listen, and do as they are told. I didn't see them as individuals who had separate goals and desires, I also expected them to act in ways that not even I could do! Another read flag!

I now am starting to see parenting as a group effort, the family team, and not a battle of wills! I will say that this is very hard to break out of, and the more we learn the better it gets.

I mentioned earlier that I want my children to be kind to everyone always, and never misbehave, I am sure you want this to, but think about this, do you always do these things?

Why do we as parents expect more from a child then we have accomplished our self? Just as we the adults have bad days, or days when we are not so nice to each other, children do too, and if they do not have positive modeling to show them the way then of course the behavior is worse.

I am sure you have heard the saying "do what I say, not as I do!" Unfortunately that is the modern day parenting mantra. So many parents expect too much from children, and in most cases they expect things that they them self haven't even done yet. We spank to show that hitting is wrong, or yell because he or she was mean to their sibling.

I know I am guilty of many of these inconsistencies in parenting and I am thankful to be acknowledging this now! I have noticed though that well behaved children are that way because of well behaved parents, and not because the children are forced to listen and do as they are told. In most cases when parenting efforts consist of a battle of wills, and do as your told philosophy, this only creates rebellious behavior later, and not to mention children hiding dangerous behavior from parents.

Now that I am learning more about how to behave so my children will too, I am beginning to understand how mutual respect and understanding is the key to great parenting and great relationships in general. I hope this is a first step for you to!

Is School Prison?

Sep 2, 2011

Math Games For Kids : How to Play The Money Game

Learn how to play and teach this great game for practicing money values with expert teaching tips in this free online kids math games video clip.

Expert: Courtney Hester
Bio: Courtney Hester has a degree in elementary education. She has many skills and talents, including making various crafts. She has made many different types of crafts with her students.
Filmmaker: bobby Hester

What Makes A Good Relationship?

      Today in America and many other parts of the world divorce is at all time high. Families are being broken up every day! I am sure you have heard it on the news and see it first hand in your own life, it may be you personally or someone close or not so close to you, chances are you know many people who are divorced or getting divorced. I my self have seen it over and over again in my life.

The divorce rate in America is nearly 50%! And according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce. We have to ask our self why? Why are the numbers so high? In this modern world human beings have created things like Internet, space travel and deep sea exploration and all the other technology we are seeing today.

Yet we seem to be lost in the sauce when it comes to relationships and choosing who we are compatible with to spend the rest of our life together. Choosing a relationship should be a piece of cake and top priority! Sadly it is not and the men, woman, children and future children of the human race suffers greatly for it. What is the cause? There are many reasons why people split up and divorce but I want to talk about the main issue I see. That is compatibility with each other! So what makes a good relationship? How do you find one? The first thing I have seen and experienced my self is the authentic self problem or lack of.

People are getting in relationships way to soon, this leads to creating families and getting married when people are truly not ready. I am not even talking about age here but authentic self knowing who you are, truly! And where you are going. Your authentic self is the person you are created to be, your life philosophy which you live by and what you value in life. If you do not know the answers to these questions then finding a good relationship, a life long lasting marriage will not happen. The old saying opposites attract don't apply here and only leads to problems! We are not magnets! How can you find the right person who you are most compatible with if you don't even know who you are?

Get real with your self first, find your answers to these super important questions. The second thing is communication, which I feel it terribly lacking in our societies. You must ask questions before you get seriously involved with someone. That way you know for sure if this person matches with your authentic self! Based on my experience these are the most important questions that you need to ask.Now!

1. Religion or Life philosophy:

What do they believe?

Is it in line with your beliefs?

You need to ask these questions. If your beliefs are not the same as your partners then forget about it a relationship will not work with this person they are operating on a totally different life philosophy than you and this will only lead to a spiritual disaster, depression and lack of hope for the future. for you and or your partner. The other issue is when kids are added to the equation. What will you teach your kids?

Who's religion or philosophy will you teach to your kids? A situation like this required one or both partners to deny their true self and what the believe in order to make the relationship work, but it is only short lived soon the shit hits the fan! Sure you may be able to work through it and if you are in this type of marriage then you must work it out find out what you can do. With every mistake good can come, you just have to figure it out and it will take lots of work and many many tears! The best thing is just to avoid it in the first place. This is also a good reason why you need to know who you are and what you believe in before you get into a relationship because one day you will have your answers, you will find your self and it won't be compatible with your spouse. This is what happens when couples grow apart and no longer or never did want the same things in life. That is because they never asked questions before the relationship got serious!

2. Family and Values:

Do you want kids?

How Many?

What about birth control and abortion?

You must find out the answers to these questions. Are the answers in line with your own answers, your authentic self? Not asking these questions and not having this information can be devastating for you and lead to serious trouble and divorce. You owe it to your self, your future partner and future children to find out this information before it's to late, and your emotional health and relationship suffers. How would it feel if your wife or husband finally tells you they don't want children when you totally do or woman your boyfriend or husband wants you to have an abortion when you want your baby? Please just think about this and consider asking these super important questions.

3. Money:

Who will work in the marriage and who will stay home if possible?

Will you have joint accounts and who will pay the bills?

Obviously these are not as serious as the others but still very important. If you are a woman and intend on staying home with the kids, will you be supported in that? Will there be enough money for you to do that? These things must be worked out before hand as well. One of the biggest issues married people argue about is money and I feel much of it can be avoided if you just ask!

These are the most important things you need to ask before getting into a relationship or marriage. It is about your life and the life of your future children at stake here and it should have top priority over anything else in life. Sure there is hope if you are already in a relationship where you failed to ask these question, you can still have a good relationship but the questions need to be asked now before the relationship moves forward. Chances are if this is you, you have been unhappy with your relationship for a long time.

Once some things are realized within your self. There comes a time in our life when we do finally find out who we are and what we believe for real. For some it is late in life for others sooner after all we are all capable of not living an authentic life and sometimes we need to experience some things before we truly know our selves. Find out who you are that way you can be on your way to living authentically and sharing your life with someone you can truly be happy with! This does not just apply to you but to your partner as well if both people are living life authentically then there is a super good chance that you will have a long and happy marriage.

Aug 29, 2011

Unschooling, Homeschooling, Eclectic Homeschooling!

     I have been spending a lot of time learning about unschooling lately. I really like a lot of the philosophy around unschooling. For those of you who don't know to much about it, here is the basics. Unschooling is a type of homeschooling/home education. It is focused around child lead education. Children will learn to love learning more when they are in control of it. No standard curriculum is used and no testing, it is not school! Unschool children choose what they want to learn, not some state, or parents even.

I want to tell you how I feel about unschooling. First a little about our home education. My kids have never been to school or day care. We have been homeschooling through a public home based charter program for many years now and we unschooled prior to that, new born to age 5. We started officially homeschooling with the Charter because we wanted to be a part of a homeschool community and have access to many fun activities with other homeshooled children. Every year we go to the science class once a month at our local natural history museum and the kids enjoy meeting others when we get a chance to attend other activity.

We do use standard curriculum, consisting of workbooks and text books. To be honest we don't spend a whole lot of time on workbooks, but we get done what is appropriate at the time. Learning can consist of many different fun things, with  a fair amount of basic studies and intentional learning.

I like to call our style Eclectic Homeschooling! That is, I  learn about all the different methods of home education and take what I feel will work best for my family and create a unique experience for my children's education. Not something any school can do! When my kids reach the age for high school we will fit more into the standard unschool method. Our Charter goes to 8th grade and we will probably not be using any other programs after that.

With unschooling parents trust that their kids will learn on their own, I think this is great, with a fair amount of intentional time spent on reading, writing, and math. I have been told that, that is not real unschooling, and typically unschoolers do not have intentional learning time unless it is child lead. I feel a concept of unschooling is to do your own thing and not try to fit into someone elses mold? Unschoolers believe in freedom and not doing things the way others want.

My definition of  unschooling is NOT to teach your children, but to provide an environment conducive to learning, and learning with them and on your own, leading by example! Unshcooling will not work for children who have parents that don't like to read or learn, and just wants to watch TV all day! Parents must get kids involved in daily activity and yes, contribute to the House hold in one way or another, family values and team work principles. Children need to be lead to a love of learning by those around them for unschooling or homeschooling to be effective and more!! Kids are a product of their environment and individuals, unschool philosophy gets this!

I do feel however that there is so much room for children to learn what they want, when they want to. I had a private school education and a public school education, until I home schooled my self in high school and graduated one year early! I learned how to read, write do basic math and know basic history stuff. My real education started when I got out of school to home school my self. All the years in school and I hated learning and gave my mom and teachers a hard time! At the age of 16 I started Independent study, went to school one hour a week to turn in sample work. I did use curriculum and didn't mind it, It was about 3 days of work and I would get it done in that time and have the rest of the week to hang out with my friends. Not only did I do my work I started reading books not school related.

I think that to unschool effectively, parents should have lots of educational material around and not only encourage your children to use them but to learn with your children. Parents need to pay attention to their kids, that way when an interest is expressed you are right their to assist them in finding the information they seek. Children are natural learners, but getting into a habit of watching TV all day is not a positive thing. In our home we do not have Television, we do have a TV and the kids use it for movies. We also spend a lot of time watching movies as a family!. 

Unschoolers also don't participate in state standardized testing. This isn't a big deal to me and I don't really see how these tests help kids anyway. I do believe that a basic knowledge is a good and positive thing, but it does not have to come from curriculum. I don't care if my kids learn exactly what the state thinks they should. We learn what we are interested in at the time, but my kids ask some great questions and we find the answers.

We also love video games and my kids have been using some great tools for creating their own games and my son says he like creating his own game better than playing video games. Some days that is all we do, while other days they may do art all day.

Learning about unschooling has helped me relax in our home schooling life, I know more about how children learn and agree with most of it. I don't stress over getting workbooks done, because I see how they are learning anyway. We have a lot of board games and other activities for them to do and we spend time doing out doors activities as family. A Win Win!

I will continue to learn about homeschooling methods like unschooling and keep incorporating what is best for my children and family! 

If you are already an unschooler you may not agree with everything I said or my opinion of what unschooling is to me. I am just stating my opinion of the degree I feel appropriate to take with my own children.

To Your Success!

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Unschooled Children Learn Because They Love Life And Learning!

Stupid in America

Aug 28, 2011

History of education in America Part 1

This video will start to take you from the beginning of America's free schools and how the education system evolved to socialism where we are at today!

'Learn Free' (an unschooling documentary)

"Learn Free" is a documentary about unschooling which is an educational philosophy that states children learn best by not attending traditional school, but rather through their own interests and by living life.

More videos on education

So You Want to Unschool? 1 of 6

Laurie A. Couture, Author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing, lists five steps to unschooling your child or adolescent. This is video clip 1 of 6. Laurie offers unschooling consultation and coaching for Moms, Dads or single parents who need support unschooling children ages 3-18 years. Visit for more info. (February 25, 2011)

Did You Learn Enough? Unschooling Comedy 2

Unschooling and Attachment Parenting Author Laurie A. Couture and her 17 year old son Brycen do a comedy satire about whether or not Brycen learned enough by hiking in and exploring the woods. Should he be learning irrelevant facts and that life is all about work, work, work... or is there something more important? (April 26, 2011)

Aug 10, 2011

Top 10 reasons to home school

Are you homeschooling or want to be maybe you are on the fence about it. 

My top 10 reasons to home school

1. I get to be with my kids all day and watch them grow!

2. I get to be the one who teaches my kids, I get to see there face light up first hand when they have accomplished some new skill!

3. We get to use the world around us as our classroom and my kids get a real life education.

4. My kids will have supervised socialization and we get to meet new people together.

5. My children and I get to choose what we learn and how we learn it!

6. On average by the 8Th grade home schooled kids are 4 years ahead academically then kids in public schools.

7. Homeschooling provides an environment that is focused family.

8. Education is a part of our life, instead of our life being a part of education.

9. We get to travel on days when other kids are in school that means shorter lines at the museums and amusement parks.

10. It just makes good sense!

What is the best advice you can give to someone who is starting out homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling?

Aug 4, 2011

Eclectic Homeschooling

Eclectic Homeschooling is basically using the best of what ever methods work best with your family. We looks at the different approaches and methods of homeschooling and take from each, forming our own unique philosophy.

We have been homeschooling in CA for 3 years but unschooling my kids their whole life! They have never been to school or day care.We use an Eclectic Homeschooling method, we simply just do what we want and do what works for our family. We don't follow a real strict schedule and let the kids learn on their own much of the time.

We do enjoy workbooks which we get free from our Charter program so that the children can easily learn the basics. We also love to play video games, board games, go to the park and exercise together, as well as visit fun and educational, interesting places..

We take it day by day and just enjoy our time with our children! We use a home based Charter school and enjoy meeting new people. Family is super important to us so we spend lots of time as a family! I consider us a little of both homeschooling and unschooling for the reasons that we do use workbooks and a Charter school program for convenience but use them in our own way and don't spend to much time on schedules and strict routines.

I am really drawn to unschooling and the natural approach to learning, like child lead learning. We also love workbooks because my children are young and do need to learn reading writing and math, sure they learn most of it on their own but workbooks can provide a great way to participate in intentional learning. I would like to go all unschool after the 8th grade when my children would have started high school. I believe that by the 8th grade there is little left to learn from curriculum and more to learn from life and the experiences that my children will have at those ages. Most basic knowledge should be obtained and just getting out there in the world is all that is left.

I don't like to bombard my kids with workbooks and text books and look for curriculum that is to the point and doesn't take up to much of our precious time..You can apply a Eclectic Style of home education by finding out about all of the different learning styles, home education methods and just applying what works for you with your family!

Click the banner for more info on other Home School Methods, you will see this blog there listed under Eclectic Homeschooling.I hope to meet tons of great people on this page, please like and comment. If you can relate or want to learn more about Eclectic Homeschooling then please like the page.. : )

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Jul 27, 2011

Natural Health

This sign was hanging in Chuck E Cheese!
    I have been doing some research into natural medicine and homeopathic treatments. Holistic health care has always been something that I love to learn about. There is just something miraculous about living off the land and not just that but allowing nature to heal you! A long time ago, human beings relied on this way of living and healing. Nature was all that man had. Nature was so miraculous to ancient man, they fashioned stories of the gods who ruled nature and there for ruled man.

Most people still attribute nature and the universe to God, rightly so being a believer myself. But this article is not about the existence of a higher power. This article is about natures medicine and using plants the way people have for thousands of years.

The modern age of man has brought many changes, some good and some bad, mostly here we are talking about medicine. Modern man has deviated from the healing powers of nature for the laboratories of  men. We have deviated from the warmth perfection of mothers milk to hard plastic bottles and scientifically engineered baby formula! Well, not all of us! I wanted no part of that and breastfed both my babies for two and a half years each, you just can't bottle perfection lol!

Even 100 years ago the average person could tell you how to treat a cold using food or how to make a salve for a cut. Today most people couldn't tell you the health benefits of garlic or broccoli for that matter. Modern man has deviated from holistic health and homeopathic treatments to heal what ails the body. To much focus on pharmaceuticals and turning to man for the answers. We often times ignore the simple way that food can heal us and turn to a quick fix pill or surgical procedure.

I have been learning about holistic health for many years. I first become interested in it as a teenager, at the same time I was also into fitness and spent most of my spare time reading about how to be healthy and fit. It has always amazed me how everything we need to be healthy is provide in nature. Nature has exactly what our bodies need to to stay healthy and combat viruses, bacteria, even cancer. Human beings have been using nature for thousands of years if, we are talking proven ways of healing the body.

So why now in the last 100 years have human beings in this modern world embraced artificial ways of making our foods and the way we heal our bodies? Why are we abandoning the proven ways of healing for modern chemically altered and body invasive treatments? Man has been moving a way from nature and closer to man for solutions, which is usually driven by greed. I will say, that many treatments of modern medicine, started out with good intentions and many of the revolutionary treatments we have today are do in fact save lives with minimal risk to the patients. Yet even these minimal risk treatments of today can and do become abused. Leading to increased risks to patients. I believe it is greed that propagates it.

We live in a world where c section is marketed as the normal way to give birth and breastfeeding is many times not even mentioned, yet practiced but many woman. We are injecting the bodies of our babies with vaccines that contain toxic chemicals like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, biological properties (DNA) of animals and aborted fetal sell tissue, and we are told that it is not harmful to our health and is safe for our babies! Our world is flipped inside out! The more we move away from nature the sicker we become as a race. In the last 100 years we have seen a rise in auto immune diseases, brain cancers, other cancers, brain damage, autism, depression, and ADD/ADHD.

The list goes on really. You may say that much of this has to do with the way we share information today or the fact that their is more people. All I am saying is that the way we have moved away from nature and into mans so called solutions has been a huge contributing factor to the rise in these health problems. It is common sense. What can we do about it? Sometimes we may feel powerless to it and believe me I do sometime. Although I know there are things we all can do to make it better for our families.

We need to be smarter in this world, we need to question things more

Anything that you don't know can be used against you! I have continued to study about holistic health, nutrition and healing properties of foods in my family. I started by breastfeeding my children for almost three years each child. My focus was and still is on plant based foods. Almond milk is the milk of choice for my children and we often look up the fruits and veggies that we eat and read about what that particular food will do in our bodies and for our health. We are constantly looking for healthier ways to cook, eat and live. I talk to my children regularly about healthy foods.

My Top 3 Things That Anyone Can Start Doing Today, For Better Health!

1. Make everything or as much as you can from scratch and in your home. Get out your cook books and put the kids to work making all of your families meals and treats. Use as minimally processed ingredients as you can. Think about it which is healthier a cookie you bought in the store wrapped in plastic that has been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. Or fresh baked cookies that you made your self with ingredients that make sense. Not a bunch of scientifically created preservatives and fillers.

2. Focus all of your meals on fruits veggies and whole grains. Each meal is a possibility to eat some fruit or veggies. Fruits go great with breakfast, or desert and provide superb energy and nutrition for the body. Raw veggies with a good healthy dip is a great addition to any meal. In my home we usually have some raw and some cooked.

3. Keep extra contaminants away from your family! Some chemical contamination you have no control over but some you do and this is how you can protect your family from them. Read the labels before you buy cleaning products for your home, make sure not to choose products that contain harmful chemicals. Especially look out for o toxic chemical contaminants that are introduced directly into your body, via skin or blood. It is just common sense not to use harmful chemicals if you don't have to.

As always keep learning and making changes for the better! You will be glad you did... Comments appreciated!

Jul 22, 2011

Vaccines & Overdosed Babies

Is the current immunization schedule safe? Vaccines are drugs. They contain antigens, preservatives, adjuvants, stabilizers, antibiotics, buffers, diluents, emulsifiers, excipients, residuals, solvents, and inactivating chemicals. They also contain residue from animal and human growth mediums. Why are these substances put into vaccines? Why do vaccines contain mercury and aluminum? Why are so many vaccines given at the same time? What effect do they have on the developing child? How common are adverse reactions to vaccines? What is VAERS? Are vaccinations legally required?

More Information About Vaccines:

Swine Flu Vaccine

Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN on how she cured her sons Autism caused by VACCINATIONS!

Vaccine Regrets

Jul 20, 2011

Vaccine Regrets

  I am so sad that I ever gave my kids vaccines!. My oldest son got more then my youngest. I learned the truth and discontinued vaccine use during my research and never went back. There are so many chemicals in the air already and much of it we can't control, but the chemical poising provided by vaccine use, we can control!

Think about this!
  • There is no such thing as a safe vaccine!
  • We do not need to use vaccines to be healthy!
  • You have a choice!
I am thankful that we quit vaccinating when we did but regretful that we vaccinated at all! I feel I was so stupid, I should have questioned sooner. I can't believe I fell for it! I feel like I took something precious from my children that they can never get back! 
I was so careful about everything else why didn't I see this?
My feelings are not unique, many mothers and fathers are dealing with vaccine regret. Many of them have experiences things far worse them me. Vaccines kill babies and rob us and our children of a life time of the health they would have had if it not for so called safe vaccines!
Educate Before You Vaccinate!

Don't play vaccine roulette with your children's life!

Jul 14, 2011


I know I post a lot about vaccines but I feel it is an important thing to educate about. We want our kids to learn the best way and be as healthy as they can be!

Educate Before You Vaccinate!

I want to share what I have learned, it is the right thing to do!

I have put it all together in a new blog Are Vaccines Safe? Please do your research before you agree to vaccinations. They are not what you think! Protect your babies take this opportunity and learn more.

Vaccines Worth Questioning!

Books to read:

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, 2nd Edition: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM) Children's Vaccinations

Healthy Food for Happy Kids: An A-Z of Nutritional Know-how for the Well-fed Family
by Suzannah Olivier

More Information:

Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN on how she cured her sons Autism caused by VACCINATIONS!

Vaccine Ingredients

Ever Think About What Is Actually In Those Vaccines You Willingly Inject Into Your Children's Bodies?

If not it's time to start!

Vaccines contain things like aluminum, mercury, animal biological agents and aborted fetal tissue!

There is way more see for your self! What Is In Vaccines?

Jul 7, 2011

Home School In California

 California Private School Affidavit (PSA) Also Known As R4

In California, families can legally home school their children by establishing a private school in their home and complying with the private school requirements of the California Education Code. Parents who have established a home-based private school cannot be prosecuted for truancy. This is the home school or unschool method many people use.

Want to know more about how you can legally home school in California. Establish your home as a private school in California.

Home School Regulations

Home Based Charter Schools

Online Home School Programs

Unschooled Children Learn Because They Love Life And Learning!

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

• Expected ship date October 22, 2010
• Runtime 95 minutes
• Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger

The film makers are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free in support of thier vision of making this issue known to all. DVDs can be ordered at

Jun 12, 2011

Josh Groban Believe

This is my new favorite song. I am a big Josh Groban fan. I love his music! This song was the Chrismas song in The Polar Express movie. When I first seen that movie I did not recognize this song or josh Groban. I got a hold of a Josh Groban in concert CD and was instantly hooked lol! I can't believe (no pun intended lol!) I did not pay attention to his music sooner.

Comment if you like Josh Groban!

Jun 10, 2011


I hope you like my awesome playlist. Scroll down to the bottom to listen to some great music. My favorite music is listed on it.. ENJOY!!

Apr 8, 2011

Single Mom Of 3 Puts Her Foot Down And Stays Home!


I know that times have been tough financially, and I wanted to pass on some helpful information that I thought just about every mom, dad, college student and  homeschooling mom could use.

I just found out about this single mom with 3 kids who refused to "go to work" and put her kids in daycare. She put her foot down and stayed home. Now she's teaching preschool classes out of her home, and making a full-time income only working 2-5 hours a day.

I was blown away when I read her story. And did you know she's actually teaching other women how to start preschools in their homes too? Click here to find out more about how to start a preschool, don't just take my word for it!

She's put together some really cool videos (and even a CD she's giving away for free) that talk about her story and the secrets to starting a preschool in your home.

Learn How To Start A Preschool And Make $2-4K/Mo. Teaching Preschool Classes In Your Home!

Apr 6, 2011

Family Business A Way For Your Family To Create A Family Income Together! :)

Isn't It Time Families Worked Together As A Family!! Things May Not Seem So Bad :)

My dream is for families to get a great system like this one and as a family watch and learn then take action on the information as a family creating a great family income!! 

I know what some of you are saying. You are not sure what my intentions are or if I am just being a product pusher. You may not be totally comfortable with this post. I can assure you my intentions are good and I would not want you to purchase anything that you did not want and would not use. With that being said please keep reading!  Click Here...

Mar 18, 2011

Mar 11, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Irish Blessings!


An Old Irish Blessing For You! 
May the road rise up to meet you. 
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, 
and rains fall soft upon your fields. 

And until we meet again, 
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Past Saint Patrick and St. Patrick's Day posts.

St. Patrick History
St. Patrick's Prayer 

Mar 10, 2011

Japan Earthquake

God allows bad things to happen to us so that we can know what is good and rise above the bad stuff! All we can do when disaster stikes is keep moving forward, it is a true test of human strength! Our imperfections are a constant reminder of the perfect one! Those are my thoughts. I pray that the people in Japan will allow this tradegy to strengthen their country and faith in God.

Jan 25, 2011

"I Have A Dream" Puzzle!

Martin Luther King Jr "I Have A Dream" Puzzle.. Enjoy!

Click to Mix and Solve

Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for all that you have done!

Jan 22, 2011

Life Quotes....

""The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is to high and we miss it, but that our aim is to low and we reach it!" 


Jan 17, 2011

"I Have A Dream" Speech...

    On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, King evoked the name of Lincoln in his "I Have a Dream" speech, which is credited with mobilizing supporters of desegregation and prompted the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

Read the I Have a Dream speech 
by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Please click on the name for more info about Dr. King.

Jan 16, 2011

Article About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! 

I would have loved to know you and could have talked with you for hours.

I love to learn about Dr. King and all of the great things he has done for us all! We read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr every year at this time, we have read some today and will read more tomorrow. 

Home Schooling Works Article About 
Dr Martin Luther King Jr.