Jan 1, 2012

The Value Of History

   I hope this paragraph can have some value in your history as it does mine. I thought it was really great so I am posting it..

"What value is history if it is just a display of facts to fill our heads? All history must be defined in the light of God and His actions in man's history. Man then, in his study of history will be elevated, incited to say as those who witnessed the early Christians defy the lions, who left the Colosseum affected by the miracles they witnessed, would shout, "Great is the God of the Christians." Our seeing God's hand in history, causes the same reaction of God's greatness. Your reading the previous sentence is history the moment you finish the sentence. Your actions of reading it is no longer in the present. Therefore, everything for you is in the future. All that comes to you in the next moment is future. So what is its value? Nothing, if explained only from the world's view, for in the end, what does it matter? But if history is viewed in the context of God and His Word applied, history becomes very important, for everything will pass into eternity. History only has importance or value if it elevated man and that importance is not surpassed by anything one will ever do, for our personal history will come into review in the future. As a way of explanation, consider one man who paints for a living but with no thought or desire to elevate himself or those who see his art towards good or  higher things. Regardless of his talent, if it is not being used for a higher purpose, it will not lead him to a future of peace. Another man, who also paints, has the desire that through his gift, he lead himself and others towards God, and his paintings reflect this aim in honoring God. Both have history they are creating, but only one man's history is creating a future of peace for himself and others. Every man who ever walked the earth will receive a history test. It is his bridge from this life to the next. In the middle of that bridge stands Christ, the teacher, judging your life and all the history tests you have gone through. Behind him, at the end of the bridge, are three paths leading you to the place you chose by your own history (Heaven, Hell and Purgatory). History, therefore, in this light will be your foremost thought, your whole attention. Most, on their death beds, reflect on their past lives in concern of what will be determined in the next. History is future. Decisions made in the future will effect your history. Therefore, decisions made in your history will affect your future. History will come back to you in the future even in the next life, in the judging of your life."

From the -20 Years Of Apparitions- an awesome manual that anyone should read : )

Sincerely Joanne