Jan 23, 2016


"The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines [temples] made by man," (Acts 17:24) 

The Catholic Church has buildings, but she is not a building. We don't go to Mass because the Church is beautiful. We don't go because we like the people there or the music. We go to Mass because of the Eucharist! The most important thing (and never forget this) is the Eucharist! Let us not forget the Sacraments which exist, and are real, and substantial no matter what building, cave or dirt patch they happen to be in or on. We are blessed to have such beautiful churches, and wonderful people to be around, this is Gods mercy! Is he pleased with such beauty? He is, if it is for God and not for our own vanities to feed some material need we have. Yet no beauty of a building compares to Christ in the Eucharist!!!

"And I give them life everlasting!" 

Sincerely Joanne


Regarding the image we have access to live the bible through the Church's Sacraments and celebrations. In fact our Lord gave us the church.This doesn't mean that Catholics individually always live the Gospels as they should. For Christ did not come to call the righteous but us sinners into repentance. Salvation as we know is a process simply because we as individuals are always falling from Grace. 

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