Jan 10, 2017

Meet The Early Church Fathers Project

  Meet The Early Church Fathers

   Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog :) and the Meet The Early Church Fathers project. Here on my blog you will find lots of information of all kinds, but most important to me is my study of Christian history, and the Sacred Scriptures. If you look at the tabs for this blog you will see pages for recommended reading (such as some books that I have read) as well as bible study articles written by me. This year I would like to post my project or study rather of The Early Church Fathers. For this project I will focus on four of them from the earliest post Apostolic age. That is the age right after, and during the death of the 12 Apostles. John of course was the last Apostle to die so his preaching was still being heard in the lifetimes of these four Christian Witnesses. This project will consist of various quotes (provided by these four witnesses) of spiritual content meant to enrich your soul and understanding of Christianity. I will also provide links to free online resources where you can read the quoted documents in their entirety, as well as a couple great books on the subject for further enrichment. If you would like to purchase one or more of the books that I recommend please use my Amazon affiliate links as a thank you for all my hard work on this project and this blog.

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By the way here is a great book, a must read! As always by getting it here via my link you will be helping me continue to bring you and others awesome content like this.

About this book: What was the early Church like? Contrary to popular belief, Rod Bennett shows there is a reliable way to know. Four ancient Christian writers--four witnesses to early Christianity --left us an extensive body of documentation on this vital subject, and this book brings their fascinating testimony to life for modern believers. With all the power and drama of a gripping novel, this book is a journey of discovery of ancient and beautiful truths through the lives of four great saints of the early Church--Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus of Lyons.

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