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Jun 4, 2022

Modesto plants for sale

Welcome to my page for my plant sales in Modesto CA

Hello my name is Joanne Utke and I am a small grower in Modesto CA

On this page are some pictures of some of the plants  and herbs that I sell.

I usually have 

Blue agave
Crassula tetragona
Jade plant
Tradescantia pallida 
aka purple heart
I also do herbs as well

Bay Leaves

Coming soon

Chamomile flower
Calendula flower 
Dragon Fruit cuttings


 Blue Agave

I am asking $50 for these four in Landscapers Special bundle deal! If you want to buy separately;
I'm asking $20 for the big one and $15 for the other smaller ones in the picture. 

I am selling these three smaller ones in a bundle for $20 or $10 each by themselves. 


 Jade and Aeonium

For this deal I am asking $15 for the jade in clay pot.
And $!0 each for the cool looking Aeonium in the square pots.


Succulent samplers

For these samplers I am asking $15 in the clay pot


I will have more like these in the near future. One plant I really want to grow is Calendula flower. They are bright orange and can be used for medicinal purposes. I also want to grow more Chamomile flower as well which is used for a calming tea. 

 If you would like to contact me you may use the form on this site.

More listings coming soon! 

Let me know what you think :)

Happy growing! 

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