Feb 12, 2009

The Broken System!

In my opinion the public school system is designed for failure!

Yes I said it, I am not saying it is all bad either, I am just saying that the focus is not on the kids and a quality education!

I am also not saying it is all the schools fault and I am certainly not blaming those hard working Teachers! I know that most kids will graduate eventually and of course we are all better off with a broken system than no system at all!
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I personally believe that you will always have a certain number of people/kids who will overcome and succeed no matter what, and there are those that will have trouble and quit no matter what. This has nothing to do with school, in fact those who succeed probably don't need school anyway!

What I am saying is that the school system is not about the kids, and the families, at least based on results its not. Today in our schools we have junk foods, soda, candy, all being sold to the kids who are supposed to be there to learn. How can they learn after eating all that junk food!

The schools could supply the kids with plenty of water, juice and healthy snacks and a  healthy lunch, that is if they really cared how well a child learned!

To many children per teacher, and students who do not know what they should for their age grade level is a big problem, schools are letting kids fly by with little accountability for the sake of getting them out of the school.

Many kids are far behind. and falling threw the cracks. While other kids are board, and get very little out of the classroom setting. In fact the classroom setting is not conducive to most Children's learning!

Teachers have told me that most of their students know very little for their age, and the curriculum that is meant for their grade level is way to hard for them, and they don't meet government standards. They also have told me that they are not able to go into depth with subjects, and it just leaves the kids more confused.

The schools spend millions of dollars on curriculum that is not at a educational level for the kids it is meant to be used for. The problem is the kids should be able to use the curriculum, they just have not been in environments (school) that are the best for learning.

The teachers have many regulations that they must follow, some are good but some are just damaging to the kids and the regulations do not allow the teacher to be creative, and teach the kids in the way's that they need the most!

I mentioned before that it is not the Teachers fault, and it is not necessarily the schools fault either. I do not want to put blame on anyone because that is not right, but I am saying that our kids are treated this way because we allow it! Imagine what would happen if a large town went on strike and took their kids out of school, and started teaching them at home?

What do yo think would happen?
What if whole states did this?

I would tell you what would happen, the schools, and the government would Freak out! Fear of lost revenue would take them over, and they would begin making the necessary changes.

Remember we are the consumers, the schools are a business, they provide us with a service, if we don't like the service we are getting, only we can change that!

That goes for everything, the medical industry the government etc....

For me I am home schooling because I feel it is the right thing to do, and I have very little confidence in the school system, and I really don't feel my kids could be the best they can be using the traditional school system. I understand that the responsibility falls on the parents and I am not going to take that for granted.

Parents are our first natural teachers.

This post is mostly a message of responsibility, I want you to know that we have the power, it is our responsibility to make sure our kids get the education they deserve!

We live in the Untied States of America, For the People By The People!

Whether that is home schooling or going to school, our kids deserve the best, and only we can give it to them!

Only we can demand it for them!

Personally I would do anything for my kids including giving up my time, and material things so I could stay at home. and educate them my self. For me the most important things is family, values, health and knowledge.

Parents if you have to cancel the cable, drive an older car, never eat out again and quit buying things you don't need, wouldn't that be worth being able to work less and/or have one parent at home to raise the kids the best way possible?

Never put money or a job before your family!!

  • Quit doing the same things over and over expecting different results! INSANITY!
  • Quit allowing the systems to scam you out of a better life, TAKE ACTION!
  • It all starts with you, and your family, help yourself, and you will be able to help others.

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Beverley said...

It is the lack of accountability to children and parents that really irks me about both public and private schooling in Australia. I hate the way parents and children cop the blame when schools fail children...