Getting Started Homeschooling

        Once you decide that you want to home school. You will need to decide on the home school option best for your family. No two home schools are alike, just like no two families are exactly alike. That is one of the greatest things about homeschooling. You can literally tailor make your families education to fit what is best for your family.

On this page you will see that there are several different home school options, keep in mind that not all states or cities will offer all of these programs. You will have to check with your states laws to see what options are being made available to you. I have also provided some links to other useful information from this blog to help you get started homeschooling! : )

Remember that if you choose to home school independently you will have to file an affidavit with the state that you will be home schooling in. What this does is allows you to file your home as a private school. That way all of the educational needs of your children will be in your control and responsibility. You will have to keep a portfolio, and attendance records. You may or may not have to participate in state testing, check with your state.

If you choose the Charter option whether online or in your town you will not have to file the affidavit. Many families like the freedom they have with filing as a private school while others want the accountability and go the Charter option.

Homeschooling Options:

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Getting Started Home Schooling

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