Apr 8, 2009

Home Schooling One of The Hardest Best Things You Will Ever Do!

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    We are almost done with our first year home schooling and it went well, we could definitely be more organized. I call this last year the Kick back year or the trial year, this is all new to me but we are getting there, I wasn't going to start until this year but my son was eager so we took IMPERFECT ACTION and got started last year and I am glad we did my son has learned so much in the last school year it is amazing!

I am proud to say that we worked together on it and accomplished our goals. was it difficult? At times yes, just like anything we have ups and downs and those priceless moments as well.
I feel home schooling is one of the hardest best things I can ever do for my kids! But I do it and will be doing it for about 15 years counting my youngest in on this as well, I am in it for the long haul and there is no turning back for me I am dedicated and determined because I feel it is best for my kids and our family, why I decided to home school.

For those who are starting out now or in the future, think about all of the benefits and the risks although there is little risk and it all depends on you and how hard you work for the education of your children. Home Schooling will work for your family if you all work together and make it happen!

Home Schooling also requires some sacrifice, of course as a parent/teacher you are taking on another role if you are a stay at home mom, you can add on the tile of Teacher as well. You will also have to get real good at making a single income work for your family for many years, if you are already a single income family and our making it work then great! For us we both stay home I mostly teach and do the stay at home mom thing and my husband works online our goal is financial freedom so we can do more for our kids in the future. We want to do our best to teach our kids about life, fiances, how to make money, how to be financially independent and for us it is and will be for years to come our family business!

You will also have to sacrifice some of, well most of your time to educate your children, for me it is totally worth it I am a home body anyway LOL! Anywhere I go my kids go 99% of the time. We go to the park and many other places and when we are home it is school time for the most part although I consider life school time, my kids don't go to school we simple educate our selves daily and my kids love to learn through workbooks and activity.

For us this is all worth it and the best for us, I hope it is for you too if not that's OK just remember to do your best and if your kids are or will be going to school then all I can say is be involved all the time know everything about your kids, there friends, the Teachers and the school itself. These days school are getting by teaching things to children way before they are ready to know some things, school is a microcosm of the world and not just the good stuff!

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My articles are not to long, and I know you will get something out of them my goal is to assist you in getting information on home schooling and all that is involved with it I hope you enjoy my articles, comments always appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing the right thing. I so wish that I could have continued home schooling my children. Let me tell you that when my children were put into the public school system they became different people. I did not have the closeness I had shared with them. And frankly, I am not able to influence them as well as I did while teaching them myself.

cahomebizmom said...

Thank You! We take it day by day but I do feel it is the best for my family. That is to bad you had to stop but we all have to do what we can, and do our best life doesn't always work out as planned.

Thanks for the comment!

Melissa said...

I am so glad you sent me this info. I am looking into HS my kids. My son is in 3rd grade and needs more one on one and quiet all the time in order to pay attention. I will be needing your articles as we debate on taking him out of public school this coming year. Any info would be great.

Thanks so much.

cahomebizmom said...

thank you my best articles are on the first page of the blog but as I come up with some good come backs for arguments I will post them. Do you have any questions? Or a topic you would like me to write about? I am always open to suggestions.

I am not the only person to speak for home schooling and there are many smart people with tons of great advice, I will post when I find good articles, but I have put a lot of thought into home schooling and I love writing about it!

thanks for your comment, and your participation in my blog it is nice to know others like what I have to say..

I also want to hear what you all have to say so comments are greatly appritiated!

Melissa A. said...

Anything you can tell me about where to get resources on who to choose for HS material would be helpful. Also, how much all materials cost you. My husband is the only one working and we really need to make sure if we get started in this we can keep going. Thanks for any and all info you could forward.

Melissa A.

cahomebizmom said...

I get alot online and I know you can get stuff on ebay and such but for mw we get most of our curriculum for free with the charter program we are in. You may have somthing like that in your town it is a home based charter school program.

But I will always post info on any good curriculum I find online, for free or otherwise.