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   Welcome to my passion! I love to read, and study theology. I especially love to study about scripture as well as scripture it self. I have posted a lot to my blog of this nature. My goal is to do a lot of the work for you, you may not have the time to read like I do. I like to pick a book of the bible, and or a topic. Read it, listen to it on audio, then read it again making key notes, and gathering info to write about. I try to keep it scripture, base, but you will also get a theological view on it as well the the Catholic view.

Just click on the link of the topic you would like to study, and patiently go threw the info.

Audios: My favorite way to learn :) Great things to listen to while you do other things. Take a look! 

Apostolic Church

Are Catholics Christians?

Problems in The Church

I Will Build my Church

Atheism and the Existence of God:

Atheism, God and The Proof

The Illogicity of Atheism


Baptism in Scripture Understanding Baptism 


The Image of God


Eucharist in Scripture study guide

John 6 Study Using the New World Translation: JW's Come Home to the Eucharist

And I give them life everlasting! Taking a look at John's Gospel chapters 6 and 10. About sheep and food :)

Human Origin:

Evolution Human Origin

Holy Days (Holidays)

The Christmas Story

Is Easter Pagan 

The Hanukkah Story 


Embracing Halloween

The Passover Holy Day

The Season for Giving and Charity 


The Elevation of Mary: Do Catholics elevate Mary? And, what about the conceived without sin thing?


Did Pope Francis Really Say Jesus Was A Failure?


Prayer Jesus Style

Prayers For Souls In Purgatory St. Gertrude


Salvation Bible Study

Works Salvation

Salvation Assurance 

Spiritual Soul / Spirituality:

Soul and Spirit

Videos: Lots of great information and no reading take a look...


Making Sense out of Suffering


Do Catholics Worship Mary?

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