Nov 29, 2010

This Is The Season For Giving and Charity!

  I wanted to post about charity, and giving of ourselves this season, and all year long. In the fall and winter months the giving spirit is on our hearts at least it should be. We can use this time to remind ourselves of the things we can do for others throughout the entire year, especially as we approach the new year. Thanksgiving was established as a national day of Thanksgiving, a time to Give thanks to God for all that he has given us especially the essential fall harvest which made all the difference to a people relying on the harvest to feed them in the dangerous winter season. It was then, and still is a time for Thanksgiving and also a time to make peace with those you may have hurt or just fighting with.  Many people choose this time of year to do charity work, usually with established organizations who distribute Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to those in need. Which is a good thing, and anyone who is able should find the time at least once in a while to do something of this nature.

Time is not the only thing that we can donate to help others, many of us will give a few dollars here or there to those who are asking, in order to use it for a cause. It is nice when people get together and help those in need and I am happy that so many do help out! Still there is something that bothers me and I have seen it over and over again. It is all good as I said before to do what you can for others, but what about at home, your family? Charity begins in the home I am sure you have heard that before. While you are out doing for strangers is there a grandparent you haven't seen in a while or a parent you have neglected even just a little. Have you been fighting with a sibling, and have not made up yet. Is someone in your family in need of you, your support, your friendship even just for you to give a call and say hello.

Many of those who are quick to do for strangers I feel fall short when it comes to their very own family, so is it really giving? You know who you are. We are called to adhere to the golden rule, Do unto other as you would want them to do unto you! As you read this with a giving spirit think of your own family, is there a parent you never call or have not seen for a long time. What about a grandparent you only see every couple months or years or not ever at all, or a sibling you don't even call anymore. These people love you, and even though they to have made mistakes and don't always do what they should have done in the past they are your family none the less. I know we are not perfect and make mistakes we all do but isn't the time now to do more than we have been. Now is the time to forgive and forget. The past is gone, the future doesn't exist yet and all we have is right now to make the changes or at the least make steps toward change. Put all of your negative feelings aside, life is to short, remember the power of forgiveness, give a call and send that Christmas card this year!

We are all in this world together and we are all apart of everything around us and everything effects each of us. Never stop learning! Learn how to be a better you! That is what I strive to do every day sometimes I admit I fail miserably and other times I am proud of all the things I have allowed my self to learn from those mistakes. You will learn more from your failures then from your successes!  Here is a great thing to say as you start your day "Today I will be better then I was yesterday."  When you do better and become a better you it will affect everyone and everything around you!

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Joanne Utke

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I hope we make it a point to make all seasons a giving and sharing time.That would be something to look forward to.