Aug 26, 2015

Problems in The Catholic Church

For those who like to point out the problems in The Catholic Church, and the wrong things committed by Catholics and so called Catholics and think somehow this invalidates what Christ has accomplished in his Church!

We are all sinners and do wrong and make mistakes even Peter denied Christ three times and did not Judas one of the twelve hand picked by Christ, betray his master? There have always been these problems. However if you want to talk about the wrong done by Catholics over the last 2,000 years lets add Martin Luther a Catholic priest who after denying the Church, lead thousands of good Catholics (Christians) to the slaughter and mass persecution made possible by the Reformation. King Henry the 8th the Catholic King who after denying the Church turned into a mass murderer beheading also his own devoutly Catholic wife! Why? Because his Catholic Bishop wouldn't grant him a divorce so he could procure multiple marriages!

The point is the Church is Holy because Christ is Holy, the Holy Spirit is Holy and not because of you, me, the Bishops, priests, etc... The same goes for each one of us as Christians! We can be Holy, but only because of Christ and the Holy Spirit. We must pray for the holiness of ourselves, our Bishops, priests, and everyone!

Jesus truly present in the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist sanctify us! Amen

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