Oct 1, 2014

Evolution Human Origin

   Studying Ancient Civilization with my kids these days and been talking a lot about the origins of man reading a lot about it as well. It seems a hot topic no matter where you turn. This is what I believe about it! 

I am a Theistic-evolutionist meaning I believe God kick started the whole thing of course. I also take the same position on this issue as does the Catholic Church. Darwin's was a atheistic evolution theory and of course not true, in fact he did not invent it either this has been a hot topic for thousands of years before Darwin. 

I don't take Genesis literally as saying that it all happened that way exactly on a scientific level. I read it in an allegorical sense written from the point of view of the author who wrote it and the hidden messages that God wants to reveal through it. I do not dismiss evolution we can see it all around us and it exists in many forms. 

The Old Testament is a wonderful account of our salvation history with some historical events being touched on there all told to us by God so that we would see the fulfillment in Christ later on (Typology) it is all ment to point to Christ. 

Our first parents for one reason or another had a special roll for the beginning of our salvation history. The bible is a collection of books from history and not a history book, nor is it a science book. The bible is not the all knowing book either especially when it comes to our natural world (the bible along with sacred tradition is complete for our salvation) . 

Science and religion must compliment each other so we know what is true and this is beautiful! I find the explanations of the Catholic Church on the issue of human origin the most reasonable. 

Many Christians think that we must choose the bible or science, but I know we don't have to choose we can have both. 

Love learning thanks for reading! 

From Joanne

For more info on what the Church says about all of this please read this wonderful article for starters.

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