Aug 4, 2011

Eclectic Homeschooling

Eclectic Homeschooling is basically using the best of what ever methods work best with your family. We looks at the different approaches and methods of homeschooling and take from each, forming our own unique philosophy.

We have been homeschooling in CA for 3 years but unschooling my kids their whole life! They have never been to school or day care.We use an Eclectic Homeschooling method, we simply just do what we want and do what works for our family. We don't follow a real strict schedule and let the kids learn on their own much of the time.

We do enjoy workbooks which we get free from our Charter program so that the children can easily learn the basics. We also love to play video games, board games, go to the park and exercise together, as well as visit fun and educational, interesting places..

We take it day by day and just enjoy our time with our children! We use a home based Charter school and enjoy meeting new people. Family is super important to us so we spend lots of time as a family! I consider us a little of both homeschooling and unschooling for the reasons that we do use workbooks and a Charter school program for convenience but use them in our own way and don't spend to much time on schedules and strict routines.

I am really drawn to unschooling and the natural approach to learning, like child lead learning. We also love workbooks because my children are young and do need to learn reading writing and math, sure they learn most of it on their own but workbooks can provide a great way to participate in intentional learning. I would like to go all unschool after the 8th grade when my children would have started high school. I believe that by the 8th grade there is little left to learn from curriculum and more to learn from life and the experiences that my children will have at those ages. Most basic knowledge should be obtained and just getting out there in the world is all that is left.

I don't like to bombard my kids with workbooks and text books and look for curriculum that is to the point and doesn't take up to much of our precious time..You can apply a Eclectic Style of home education by finding out about all of the different learning styles, home education methods and just applying what works for you with your family!

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