Feb 15, 2009

Getting Started Home Schooling

Getting Started Home Schooling

cafe mom, homeschooling groups, home school moms Getting Started is easier than you may think, I will go threw some steps this week in this blog that you can take when you are ready to get started. Home Schooling Works all you really need is some information, confidence and believe you are doing the right thing and never look back!

1: What are the home school laws in your state? Find out the laws read about them and find out what home school options you have available to you were you live.

Ask questions get to know other home schooling families, at the park, church, home school organizations, Internet and other sources.

Get the Facts Make up your mind if this is something you want to do for sure then just do it, Believe YOU CAN and you are half way there!

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The info I provide is meant to be a guide for you, you still need to do your own research so you can make informed choices for your family.

Thanks For Reading!

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Jaci Lopez said...

Hi there, I am homeschooling my oldest this year, but I am looking for a home school group in my area so I can link up with other like-minded parents. I'm in the central Ca area. I'm at a loss!

Thank you!

Jaci Lopez