Feb 2, 2009

Home Business

Teaching kids About Business is Fun for the Whole Family!

homeschooling, home business, darren utke, work at home In this world good business skills is critical and in these modern times, Internet business skills is even more important.

The Internet has opened many doors for business Entrepreneurs and thousands are Making Thousands

The young people today have so much going for them, they have the opportunity to literally Create Massive Wealth before they are even 30 years old!

As parents we have a responsibility to incorporate business skills in our children's life. We have a responsibility to teach our kids to think out side of the box and to be great Leaders not followers!
We have a responsibility to encourage Entrepreneurship in our homes and to our children!

Before the Internet owning and operating a business was expensive and there was so much that went into it. Now thanks to the Internet you can literally start a business for as little as 5 or 10 dollars!

Imagine owning your own business that the whole family will love and can work on together daily or even just a few days a week.

Get to gather as a family discus the family business, marketing, advertising and communication skills like when talking to prospects/customers.

What do you think that can do for the education of your kids?

Do you feel a background like that would give your kids a head start in life?

What do you think this can do for family bonding and communication?

I see so much potential in this world of Internet business and home schooling, that is what we do with our kids we own several online businesses which we run full time and when our kids are a little older we will get them started on businesses of there own, that the whole family can participate in!

For now we talk with our kids about money, business, marketing and advertising.

We talk with our kids about entrepreneurship and how to be a Leader!

We want to encourage you all especially home schooling families to get involved with online business and entrepreneurship, I really feel it is so important and can be a great addition to your home schooling curriculum.

Contact me anytime if you want to know more about what kinds of businesses would be best to get started with we have many to choose from and they all come with The best support and Training on the net!

Remember what you do not know will be used against you in this world and our children are no exception shouldn't we teach them the things they will need most in life?

And it wouldn't hurt to make some additional income either!

To your success!

From Joanne and Darren Utke
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