Mar 2, 2009

I am Back and it is March I Hope all is Well With You!

This week has been pretty good my son is doing well with his work and I ordered the curriculum for his 1st grade year, this next school year! I am happy with what we picked out it looks great we will have a great time learning.

I am starting to get the hang of the home schooling thing and I am finding a good balance with our time and I am learning a lot about patience LOL!

We are having fun with it and I have to remember to just relax have fun and learn, that is what it is all about and kids learn the best this way.

I hope to get you some great information here on this blog I want to talk about Health and Healthy foods which I also am very passionate about without health we have nothing.

The Healthier you and your kids are the better your home school experience will be, more on that in other post.

Thank You for Reading!

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