Mar 5, 2009

What do You Love to Make for Your Family?

Post Your Favorite Recipes Here, What do You Love to Make for Your Family?

cafe mom, cooking groups for momsWhat is one of your favorite thing to make I thought it would be fun to share just comment on this post with your recipe I will add some to start!

What does it have to do with home school ? A lot if you home school you will need lots of healthy things to cook so your kids can have the best chance of learning and clearer thinking!

For me being a stay at home Mom and home schooler I am constantly cooking and feeding my hungry boys, at the same time I like it to be healthy.

I am always on the look out for new great recipes and you probably are to LOL!

Cooking and baking can also be a fun learning family experience kids learn so much from you and they love to help!

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