Mar 10, 2009

St Patricks Day Shamrock and Links to Color Pages for the Kids

Meet me at Cafe Mom The word "shamrock" is an old Irish word "seamrog" which means "little clover."

Saint Patrick used the plant to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Shamrocks have been considered by the Irish as good-luck symbols since earliest times, and this superstition has persisted in modern times among people of many nationalities.

On March 17th, St Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world, with the "wearin' o' the green".

Many folk ask the question 'Why is the Shamrock the National Flower of Ireland ?' The reason is that St. Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagans. Saint Patrick is believed to have been born in the late fourth century, and is often confused with Palladius, a bishop who was sent by Pope Celestine in 431 to be the first bishop to the Irish believers in Christ.

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