Apr 4, 2009

Latin Language

Home Schooling My Kids In Latin

Learn how to earn income online, with Maverick If you read my other posts you know we are learning Latin, watch that video to see the importance of studying Latin.

Anyway I wanted to share with you about how we are doing it so if you wish you can do it to!

I would love to get the Rosetta stone program but right now it is just not going to happen and we don't have a home school lap top yet either. But I did find a great FREE program see my last post.

I am also reading Latin a Introductory Course Based on Ancient Authors
by Fredrick M. Weelock first pub 1956

It is a great book for adults to learn Latin, then I am creating flash cards so I can teach it to my Kids as well as saying the words daily as we speak and remember the words.

Basically you have to learn it then expose it to your kids daily.

The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach!

Thanks for reading I hope I can inspire you to learn a language if not Latin, I feel it is so important for brain development as well as increasing your intelligence both of which I feel strongly about.

carpe diem ( seize the day )

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