Apr 3, 2009

Learning Latin

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If you read my post a while back I mentioned I am embarking on a journey of learning Latin and teaching it to my kids, I decided it would be a great gift to learn Latin and teach it to my kids. We are starting slow my kids are ages 2 and 5 but I did find some great free resources to get us started for anyone interested I also found some workbook courses for kids starting very young and it looks great I can't wait to get it for now we are making charts of basic household things and there Latin words so we can begin to learn Latin!

Latin was the universal language for 1500 years and was the peoples language and many could understand it also many other languages come from Latin, we could learn a lot about our English language by studying Latin.

So that is what we are doing it will be so worth it and not something they would teach them in public school and it will benefit them for there whole lives!

Latin Lessons Home Schooling site, To Get You Started!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. well done .. I'm thinking of doing something on my positive letters blog .. - just wish I'd understood at school what it was about when I was there .. I just got completely muddled with English as well as Latin, let alone French etc .. so I may take you up on the Latin Lessons ..

Well done - it'll be good to keep in touch ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

cahomebizmom said...

I know it won't be easy for me or my kids but I am going to make it fun and it will be a part of our curricum daily as well as speaking it in the home so we can really know it.

Anything worth doing isn't easy!

I am up for the challenge and I know how important it is, my moms took latin for 4 years and she can speak Italian and Spanish so she can be a big help to me my family is also Italian speaking just not us kids I wish my parents would have tought us it as children just by speaking to us in Italian.

Thanks for the reply I hope all is well with you and your Mother!