Apr 14, 2009

No-Cook Paper Mache Paste Recipe

This no-cook paper mache paste recipe is a good one to make with kids because it is easy to make and does not require heat.

Materials Needed:

Instructions:To make this paper mache paste, simply mix together 1 part flour to 2 parts water. You will want it to be the consistency of thick glue, but you also want it to be runny and not thick like paste. Add more water or flour as necessary.

Mix well to remove any lumps.

A few helpful tips I have read in regards to using this paste are:

If you live in an area with high humidity, add a few tablespoons of salt to help prevent mold.
If you don't like the smell of the glue mixture you can add a few sprinkles of cinnamon or cinnamon to sweeten it up!

You should be able to store this glue in a covered bowl or jar, in the refrigerator, for a few days.

Follow these simple steps and create wonderful paper mache masterpieces!

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: days
Here's How:

Create your paper mache form (find directions for crating a form here) and prepare your desired paper mache paste (find recipes for paper mache paste here).
Tear newspaper into strips.

Dip one piece of newspaper at a time into prepared paper mache paste.

Hold the strip over the paste bowl and run it through your fingers to squeeze off excess paste.
Stick the newspaper strip over the form you want to paper mache, and smooth it down with your fingers.

Completely cover your creation with a layer of newspaper strips. They should all be over-lapping.

After one layer is applied, let it dry about 24 hours.

Add another layer of newspaper strips and let dry another 24 hours.

Repeat this process until you get the desired effect, but you should have at least three layers.
Paint, decorate and proudly display your creation!

Tear the newspaper into strips -- do not cut it! Torn strips lay smoother.
Be generous when dipping the newspaper strips into the paste -- you want each piece thoroughly saturated!

Let each layer dry completely before adding another.

You can use the paper mache pulp recipes I shared here to add extra detail to your form before, during of after you add the paper mache layers.

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