Apr 29, 2009

Teaching Kids About Sex and At What age?

Home Schooling, Teaching Sex Edd Is A All The Time Thing!

I wanted to post a little about this because it is important, my kids are young right now soon to be six and three so we haven't gotten into the details about this yet. I think that the sex talk should not be a talk at all but a discussion that takes place often and with age appropriate information for there whole life.

This is one reason I am home schooling I don't want my kids to be exposed to this topic in anyway to early in life and by the wrong people like piers and other adults in the schools.
I believe information/knowledge is key throughout all our lives but at the right times for kids especially if they are curious, don't let your kids be curious at the wrong people and be at risk for the wrong information!

For us it started at 2 and a half when my son ask me "wheres your penis Mom? Yes it caught me of gard, so I got a good book it was titled Amazing You by Gail Saltz for pre schoolers about private parts and what they are used for and we read it and talk about it often to this day when he asks me.

My son is now almost six but we have discussed fetal development and pregnancy especially when I was pregnant with his brother a few years ago, we look at pictures of babies growing in there Mothers and how the sperm and the egg come together and make a baby. We also discuss a female menstrual cycle this came up when my son asked me, so when he asks I tell him about it. The only thing I have left out for now is the sex part as you can imagine he is only six.

He is so full of questions and is always thinking, the other day we read a couple books about spring time and Honey Bees, in the Honey Bee book it talked about how the bees all have a job to do and the drones only job is to mate with the Queen, so my inquisitive son had to ask me all about that to, the book didn't go into details about it so I didn't either.

What brings me to this subject is that this morning my son is asking me about it again and I can see his brain working and wondering just how it happens, he knows the male has to fertilise the females egg to make a baby but he knows something is missing in that information and I know it is only a matter of time before he is asking me HOW? I am going to answer his questions as they come along like I always have and just do my best!

For now he thinks marriage has something to do with it and that is a good thing he is still young for further info but the more we learn about the animals the more he wonderes. I am just glad that I am home schooling and he is able to ask us the questions he wants answers to instead of piers at school or some mixed up sex ed class they so eagerly want to get the kids involved in at some schools, we are a Conservative family as far as our values go so I would not be happy with any info that a school would provide my children with.

I was in the fifth grade when the public school I went to gave us condoms and showed us with a banana how to use them, I still remember that and for me I had no idea what I was being told and it left me curious and I went to Friends to learn more and that was not a good idea. I know now that my parents should have been open with me and then I would have came to them, I am doing things different with my own kids.

You probably have heard it before but in these crazy times you got to educate your kids on these things, openly honestly and often with age appropriate information, encourage your kids to come to you when they seek an answer and let them know it is OK to discuss things as often as they like don't forget to add your values, values are most important.

For my other son he is asking too so we will be getting that book again and beginning our discussions with him as I did with my oldest.
When my kids are older I will tell them more and the focus will be on fetal development, pregnancy, the rolls of the Father and Mother, morals, values and abstinence being a pro-life Mom they will be told about BC but not as a option to avoid pregnancy they will understand how it works and why, something I wish I was told as a young person.

We home schoolers have an advantage but this is still so important for any family!

Thanks for reading comments always appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. My husband was raised in a very non-informative home. Their idea was to not tell would somehow keep the children away from the dangers. I was raised in a very open home. My mom had five younger sisters who were always at my house. So females talk...
I believe that the way you are raised to think about sex will effect so much of your adult relationships; from friends to mates. So keep up the good work!

cahomebizmom said...

Thank You! My Mom was open about many bodily functions she is a nurse but when it came to sex and pregnancy she told us very little.

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi Joanne,

Our son asked me the same question! It came up during the potty training process. Now, he understands the difference between girls and boys and hasn't asked much more about it. I know it will come soon and I'll be prepared to answer them. I'd like to look into that preschool book you talked about. Do you remember the title?

Thanks so much for another insightful post on why every parent should homeschool. Talk to you soon. :-)

Many Blessings....
Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

cahomebizmom said...

Thanks for the reply, I will include it in the post I couldn't remember the title before. I found it at the library and it was very age appropriate and informational, I just looked it up it was titled Amazing You by Gail Saltz.

It talked about the difference between boys and girls and it talked about female reproductive parts and male reproductive parts as well as pregnancy but not the sex part so I thought it was a great pre school book.

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi Joanne!

Thanks for the title of that book! I'm going to see if it's available tomorrow at our library.

Hope you and family have a wonderful weekend! :-)

Many Blessings....
Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

KickButtMama said...

I agree with you. I work part time in the evenings (so I can speak in adult sentences after homeschooling all day...lol) and I found out my DH was watching 21/2 Men with my boys while eating dinner. I found this out because my child - who is 5! - asked another if he has sex! When the babysitter asked him if he knew what that was (he was in the gym daycare at the time) he admitted he didn't.

I was HORRIFIED! I banned the show - which I thought would have been obvious to a turnup - and chewed out my DH for it. He thought it was ok because the kids didn't know what they were talking about....I replied that they don't understand murder but I don't let them watch discover crime shows either!