May 11, 2009

Phonics Curriculum

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EPS Books Curriculum. Primary Phonics and Explode The Code Workbooks.

We have used the EPS books curriculum, Primary Phonics and Explode the Code workbooks so I wanted to give you a review, we love them and my son did to these workbooks are easy to teach to your kids and very affective my son learned to read using these. We had both the Primary Phonics and Explode the Code workbooks and we did a page a day in each. The Primary Phonics comes with easy readers to read at specific points in the workbooks after words have been mastered this way they practice the words learned. You can start with the pre school and move up to the next as your child progresses, or start with the one pertaining to the grade of your child.

What do you recommend? Post your Favorite K-2 grade Phonics/Reading Curriculum..

The EPS Books company is a great curriculum for the phonics as I mentioned, they also have other curriculum you should look into I feel this is a great company with quality teachable product.

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