Jun 23, 2009

SHOCKING! Circus Animal Cruelty

For Fathers day we went to a circus that was in our town not really thinking to much about it just going to take the kids they had never been to one. Some animal rights people were there protesting it and handing out pamphlets I took them, I have always been concerned about life issues even ones concerning animals. We talked with them a little and they were very nice, we did go in to the show and it was nice the kids liked it I mostly like the rope acrobats I have always wanted to do that lol!

When we got home we read the information and went to the site circuses.com and learned more about the animals, how they are in many cases they are scared to death and hooked and beaten! The elephants in many cases have TB and are denied medical treatment the TB can be spread to humans who touch or ride elephants.

We learned that there are many animal free circuses to go to and from now I on I am going to educate before we go to entertainment that use animals. For me it is not cool to mistreat the animals we must respect there life as a creature of God.

Our eyes have been opened to this issue thanks to the people who were there to educate us on the issue.

We should all get more informed on all life issues, animals and people!

While this in going on in the circus we also have another life issue to be educated about where 3,000-4,000 unborn babies are mutilated everyday and labeled as toxic waste! If we did abortions on animal mothers and there unborn fetuses the animal rights supporters would be outraged and up in arms to say the least! Yet many of them are pro-choice when it comes to the abortion choice for humans!

Please educate on both issues!

Do your part!

Vote against abortion for the unborn humans!

Vote animal rights for the animals!

We simply cannot tolerate this type of mistreatment of the humans or animals!

To learn more about voting against abortion choice nrlc.org

For more info on abortion lifedynamics.com abortionfacts.com

For info on animal free circuses and the treatment of animals in the circus circuses.com

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carol said...

We must get our priorities straight. We must save the unborn! How can we care for animals and not live babies? All life needs to be respected but human beings are created in God's

cahomebizmom said...

Thanks for the comment!