Aug 14, 2009

Sourdough Bread Starter

Grow Your Own Yeast and Never by it again!

A great family project, learn how yeast grows, create a world of micro organisms that you can then make bread with!

This technique is thousands of years old when yeast was not easy to get or expensive to by, I don't know about you but I love history and learning how to do things simple the way people have done for thousands of years!

I found this site that tells you all about how to do it, it is easy and you won't have to by yeast for your baking.

I do a lot of baking and by yeast all the time so as soon as I saw how easy it was, I am giving it a try and getting my kids involved with it.

Check it out we are going to give it a try!

Sourdough Bread Starter

From Joanne

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