Oct 27, 2009

Old Fashioned Soft Pumkin Cookies *****

Pumpkin Recipe!

I love this recipe, I have made them many times before including this week and last week. They are so good!
I will be making them for Christmas gifts for my family...

Tip 1: You can cut the sugar in half on this one without sacrificing taste, makes it healthier and better for the kids too!Tip 2: You can use pumpkin spice instead about 1 tablespoon. Tip 3: You can omit the glaze, it gets kinda moist and makes the cookies wet. But this recipe is best with out it in my opinion.

Great for the kids to help and so easy!

Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies!

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lifeisagift said...

I have made these cookies a lot especially during the holidays. They are more like a scone then cookie, one reason I like them so much. They taste great and it is a good way to get your pumpkin into your diet.