Nov 14, 2009

Getting Discouraged About Home Schooling

We All Do It! Getting Discouraged About Home Schooling

Digital Product Boot Camp One of the very real things about home schooling is that it is hard sometimes, and I think many moms including myself sometime don't want to admit it, we get discouraged! Maybe me more then some, I don't know. We have only been doing it for two years now and some days it is good my kids do real well and get things done as do I, but some times it just seems like it will never work!

We have a chart to follow on school days to keep us on track, the problem is if we get up to late or I wake up to tired to wake the kids up then the whole day is shot! I hate doing school work after noon and I have so much other things I need to get done in the house too!

I get discouraged often these days, I am the Mom, the Teacher, the house keeper, the cook, the shopper, the peace keeper lol! Add turning thirty soon and mood swings, oh and I need to loose fifteen lbs too! Add that together and you got your self discouragement lol!

I am sure many of you can relate.

I wanted to post this because I want to be real and not try to pretend it is all good and I am super woman. No I am not going to quit home schooling I still stand by my decision and feel it is best for my kids despite its challenges. I understand and hope you all do that home schooling is not just about teaching our kids and educating them about the world it is also about personal growth.

For home schooling to work for us we need to change the things about our self that may stand in the way of achieving our goal. And children need to understand that home schooling is a family effort and requires all involved to do their best!

Nothing worth doing is easy!

I stand by that and live by that daily, home schooling is so worth it and the benefits for my kids and yours are tremendous, I try not to take it to seriously and just have fun and enjoy having my kids with me on a twenty four seven basis lol! I need to take some time for myself and so do you don't forget that!

Thanks for reading!

From Joanne

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