Nov 27, 2009

A Great Project, My Six Year Old Is Doing

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The other day my son and I were discussing what an average is, after I explained it to him he was wondering what the average favorite color was. I told him why don't you take a survey! He really liked the idea and I felt it would be a great project for him to do, he decided to survey one hundred people, asking them what their favorite color is. Today we bought a little pocket note book for him to record his findings and while we were at the park he asked eighteen people of all ages for starters. After he records his findings he will create a graph to show which color was favored more. When we go somewhere he will have is notebook so he can continue his research.

What your child will learn from this project: I think this is a great project idea because it teaches graphing, surveying and getting an average.

It also teaches public communication skills, "Hi My name is Hayden I am doing a survey can I ask you a quick question?" politeness, and real socialization skills, Imagine that lol!

Your kids can do this project as well they can pick what ever topic they choose to conduct their survey, for older kids they can choose a topic suitable for them my son is six so favorite color is appropriate.

Just make sure you are with your children supervising them, because this project requires talking with other people you and child may not know.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne and Hayden .. I think that's a great project .. can I answer please?

Golden yellow - like the sun - a glow to welcome us to the world in the morning, to brighten our days when the rain has gone, and an orangey-red mellow glow when it says good night ..

Do you know now - it is going to bed really early .. just before 4.00 pm here!! and it doesn't wake too early either .. just after 7.00 am .. sounds like me!!!

Have fun and I look forward to the results of your survey ..

Enjoy your pre Christmas celebrations ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
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cahomebizmom said...

Thank You!

What a great way to describe the the colors of the sun!

Mary Christmas!