Nov 23, 2009

Something I Have Noticed

She Said To The Other Girl "Stupid Whore"

  Today my kids and I went for a walk to the park, which we love to do! It was after two and schools had let out, it is not the first time we have been at the park at this time. Well the teenagers like to congregate at the park without parents or adult supervision I will add, especially this one which has a skate park, I do not mind to much as long as they are respectful and that rarely happens unfortunately!

I have noticed how teens just have little to no respect for anyone! I am generalizing I know there are many great respectful well taught teens ( I assume most are home schooled lol!) I am joking a little.

Seriously though I was there with my young children and there were many other young children too. The teenagers were shouting out the F word over and over and they were just playing and I guess having fun. Many other cuss words came out of there mouths usually I say something but there were a lot of teens and I decided to just let it go, but I am telling you all now.

Another thing I noticed is the way the boys were treating the girls and how some of the girls were treating each other! The boys cuss at the girls in conversation! And one girl walked by me and my children and shouted to her friend "stupid Whore" and she was only trying to get her attention there was no arguing going on. I have also heard girls call each other bitches and many other degrading terms, this has been going on since I was a teen. What is going on have the girls settled for the disrespect the boys give them and turn it on to each other?

I see this over and over again, it is very sad, I am glad my kids do not go to school and I can teach them the proper ways to treat human beings, unfortunately the things I have mentioned are learned behavior and these kids are getting it from peers at school and many of them sadly I assume get it at home!

Something is wrong here and I do not even blame schools, I blame the parents!

I am happy to say that I also meet great parents and children all the time and I am thankful to know them!

I only can teach my kids the right things and pray that these kids I mentioned and their parents mature enough to see the error of their ways!


Zenmom79 said...

Oh sweetie! I hear ya! I have a "teen house" across the street from me. The mother is never home and when she is she does not stop it. The stuff we have to put up with as a homeowner is pathetic!! Bass, cussing, disrespect, drug use (called the cops a few times on this)and the heavy traffic.
I see what your talking about as well with the girls. No respect for eachother or from the boys. (look how they dress, I know ot).
I am glad I homeschool. I blame the parents, and the schools personally. I know I am generalizing when I say I hate teens!!! I have faith mine will never act the way PS school teens do but mine will not. I care about them too much.

cahomebizmom said...

Thanks for the comment!

I am glad I home school too! I also have faith my kids will never act that way becuse I am not going to allow them too!

Even as a teen I couldn't stand them lol! I was a handful to my parents but I never acted the way I am describing in my post.

Take Care To Your Success!

homeschool101 said...

I to homeschool and I am extremely glad I do. Lol. However, I do have to point this out, I am cautious when it comes to any pointing of the finger for this reason. There are many good parents out there and I would say triple times that of bad parents. I do agree with you there to an extent that it may be bad parenting.

The truth is, we see alot of today, young girls having babies. No parenting skills what so ever. Do I hold parents accountable yes I do partly. The other part I point directly at the Governement for coming into the schools allowing such teachings encouraging our children to experiment. I can not tell you how many teachers I know who are disgusted with the teachings the Government is forcing into the school. Encouraging experiments with sexuality of same sex and not the same sex. When a young girl gets pregnant for the most part they incourage abortion. Handing out condems and taking the parents right and spitting on it now to give the school or goverment more control on what our kids learn, when they should learn about sex and who from, handing out condems and now allowing otc birth control for any young girl to buy with out parental consent is flat out wrong.

Unfortunately there are more laws allowing the Government more control over our children and slandering the rights of us the parents. Thus allowing fear in many parents to raise their children. I say that because I know certain families that slack on dicipline, time outs, whippins, so forth because of actual laws saying that a parent should not discipline their child with whippins cautioning many especially in public places to check themselves when diciplining.

So I partly agree that their are bad parents out there, but I also have to say that I believe the Government is more involved then should be allowing many parents to fear in raising their children, which in turn just makes the government more wound up to push for more because many are not doing anything to stop the Government. As you can see, I strongly refuse to support anything Government leader especially with this administration. This is just my opinion.


Joanne said...

homeschool101 I agree with you!

Also I do not intend to say that all bad kids have bad parents of course not. But what I am saying is the lack of supervision to children and I include teens is the reason for much of this behavior even among well intended parents.
Likewise many good kids come from bad parents.

Ultimetly it is the parents and schools lack of supervision that allow these problems.

I know what you are saying about many people in the schools are upset about the changes being made in schools my conservative aunt is a public school teacher and ready to retire.

"I strongly refuse to support anything Government leader especially with this administration" My words exsactly!

Thanks for your comment!

JoGibson said...

The teen years are a time of emotional and hormonal upheaval. Just when these kids need guidance the most sadly parents start leaving them to their own devices assuming them to be "grown up".

On top of that we have media and government programs telling them that it is ok to act on any urges they have. The message to do whatever they want as long as they are happy (we don’t want anyone to feel bad about their actions or they might get low self esteem) is not a proper message to be sending to these kids. Yes, in my opinion a teen is still a child. Why can’t schools and media teach self esteem through accomplishment instead of through impulse action?

And then there is the message that it is ok to have sex before marriage. You can just go down to the school nurse and be given birth control regardless of the parent’s values or teaching. If you get pregnant the schools will show you where to go for a legal abortion. How can a child the law says is not old enough to make the decision to drink or smoke old enough to get a surgical procedure done without parental consent?

Their lack of respect for themselves and others is the media and schools fault. How is a teen male going to have any respect for a teen female when all they see in the media (lets face it this is the main form of information for this age group) are barely clothed women on these reality shows cat fighting with each other trying to screw whatever guy they are competing for that day ? How can they respect a female when their education has taught them that she can just go down to Planned Parenthood and be open for business?

And then we have the way female teens behave towards each other. Again let’s take a look at these reality shows where they are acting like street trash fighting over guys. And can any one name a current pop star that appears clothed the majority of the time? Add in the pressures placed upon then to have sex without any capability of commitment and you have a giant bomb just waiting to go off.

We are just leaving way too much up to a child to decide for themselves. Given the improper guidance that they are receiving we should not be shocked when they make the wrong choices.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly where your coming from and your right.I have a teenage daughter who attends high school(public) and I homeschool my 9 year old son.It isn't the school's fault my daughter see's this type of crap everyday so olnly hangs out with other's in school who dont care about impressing others.She was well taught on how to behave and treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.Her teachers ALWAYS send home comments to me about how well behaved she is, and I can tell by the company she keeps that these girls are kind well taught children.I'm so sick of taking my children to park's and lakes and having them hear things that even make me feal uncomfortable.I'm sick of it.Parents need to step up and implement good moral character.I constantly am wanting to take these kids home with me and reer them myself..I really wish I could!

cahomebizmom said...

Thank You! For the comments I really feel you all added to my post and made it even better!

I do agree the media is horrable and unfortunetly many parents let the media raise their children! That is one reason why we do not have cable we did for a little becuse of living with someone who did, but I am so glad it is gone now even though my kids only watched cartoons, even many cartoons were banned in my house!

I want to raise my children!

Danielle said...

I don't care if my daughter is 17 and 364 days... talking like that, I'd still be tempted to wash out her mouth. It's never okay to talk to someone like that, let alone your friends.

I also have problems with the way some people talk around children. Luckily it hasn't been a problem so far, but my daughter is getting to the age when she mimics what other people say... it could very well end up being a problem soon.

Anonymous said...

This is why they shouldn't have teen hang-outs in the same vicinty as a playground for smaller kids!
I'm glad I homeschool too!!

cahomebizmom said...

Danielle I agree and I know what you are saying about adults talking to kids, every once in a while I hear some parent say something horrable to their kid. I usually am around people who do not do that and are very nice!

Anonymous I agree but unfortunetly I have seen this behovior at parks that do not have teen hang outs most of the time I say " watch your mouth children present"

Nice to chat with all of you!