Jan 12, 2010

Home School Business

I always new I wanted to home school and I will admit that even I had second thoughts my husband also was not convinced. Once we thought more about it we realised we are the ones responsible for our kids education and we wanted to teach them so much more than what any school could. We knew it would be hard work and I especially knew because lets face it the mom is usually the one doing most of the schooling, but it is worth it!

My husband and I have always been entrepreneurial and never was comfortable with the go to school and get a job message that seems to be the norm in our society. Not that there is anything wrong with that, absolutely not, we just believe in acquiring education and money in different ways. We wanted to have our kids at home so we could educate them about money, entrepreneurship and everything else that we feel they should know.

I really don't know the point of this post other then to give you a different perspective on home schooling and home school business. Our kids are still young but we teach them what they can understand about money and business, we always have. When they are older they will begin with home school business by helping us with our business and starting out with their own as well.

School just doesn't teach about making money, entrepreneurship , thinking outside of the box, getting creative and making money in ways other than having a job. We have come to realise there is a million ways to make a million dollars, we just have to educate our self to what ways those are and pick one and stick with it! Learn from those who have done it, by reading books and other inspiring stories.

It is very important for kids to learn these things, even if they choose to have a job as adults. One day they may loose their job or become disabled and not be able to work a laborious job like so many do. Or like in the days we live in right now their may not be any jobs at all for most people, that is why we must know how to get creative and entrepreneurial so we can always provide for our families no matter how bad the economy gets and without being on assistance for a long time if at all.

For us we want our kids to have the money, so they can have the time, so if they choose to attend college and or have a career they can do it for the love of learning and helping the world, instead of doing it because they need to.

Yes you can do and teach these things to your kids while they go to school full time but that won't leave time for much else.. For us we didn't want to miss out on are kids and the time we can spend teaching and shaping their future.

My husband and have many online products as well as physical products that we sell online. We have been doing this for five years. Right now we have a information course that teaches others the basics of digital products so they can then create a website that sells a product or products.

If you are interested in learning about making money online you can fill out the form at Digital Product Boot Camp and let us know, we may even be able to get you in our new course for free so you and your family can begin your legit online money making education. All you can do is just get started and if you make it a family event it will be more fun as well! Even if it is not with us no problem just get started reading books, talking about how you can get creative and make some extra income for your family.

Just get started on your home school business!

Thanks for reading to your success..


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. good for you - the kids should be well informed .. and have learnt loads just by interacting with you ..

Enjoy the weekend ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
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lifeisagift said...

Thanks Hilary, it is tough but we just keep pushing forward and know we are doing our best.