Jan 30, 2010

Homeschooling Is Not Easy!

We have been homeschooling for two years officially, I have two children ages six and three. I wanted to do another real post, I do not want to come across as a super mom! I am not a super mom although I wish I was lol! I made the choice to home school because for me and my family it is best and it is not an option for me to send them to public school.

Even though I believe in what I do and would do anything to do it, it is still hard and what is even harder than the actual schooling part is having my children with me 24/7 most of the time it is fine but I wish I had a break and more time to myself that is what makes it so hard, I am just being real. On a positive note I do have my kids with me all day, they go to the store with me we, and most places which is a pleasure most of the time. Also my kids are not perfect and do have some behavior problems ( my oldest the most ) this also makes homeschooling difficult.

Instead of giving up and sending them to school and never dealing with these problems we are able to fix them and teach our kids how to fix them in themselves. I have seen to many good kids being labeled BAD and kicked out of school, or kids who never really dealt with their problems and leave school on their own to early simply for lack of coping skills and the right attention.

My point is homeschooling moms and kids are not perfect and we have problems and good days and bad days but if this is something you believe in you must do it threw good times and bad, don't give up keep moving forward, always change yourself for the good so you can impact your children in a positive way!

Read parenting books and get help when you need to but don't give up!


homeschool101 said...

Honey, If anyone out theres thinks that homeschooling is a breeze then they are not sane. Lol. WE all have our days and our moments. Some are good some are bad some are fun some crazy some or disasters. Lol. For the most part we are ordinary people trying to make the best out of life for our families. Super mommy, Nope but we are super at being a parent for wanting the best for our children and family. God bless you and keep up the hard work. :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. good for you both .. I'm sure the kids will benefit over time from your input and your desire to learn.

I can imagine the 24/7 being tricky, but as you say you get the benefits.

Keep going, be positive and love the process and the kids will too ..
Love Hilary

lifeisagift said...

Thanks for the comments. I have been having a hard time lately and it is just hard so I wanted to post about what was on my mind.

Thanks for the encouragment!