Mar 2, 2010

Home School Business

Family Entrepreneurship And Home School Business

Is anyone interested in getting their teens and family involved with owning and selling their own product online? WAIT PLEASE JUST READ THE REST!

I am not trying to sell you a business opportunity heck no we don't like those, and I would never ask you to join one!

What I am talking about is the real world of business and entrepreneurship, and learning some great skills.

We have a course that my husband created to teach about how to use hosting accounts and set up private label rights products or master resale rights products, like software and information products. We also have affiliate programs that pay 75% commissions which is free to do, all someone needs to do is learn about marketing and advertising.

Being a entrepreneurial homeschooling family our self and in business for many years we understand the value of real world business skills, and getting our kids started early is key to their future. In our home we talk about business and how to make money all the time and our kids are still young but we want to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in them so they can have more choices in their life to choose what ever it is they want to do. They will not have to have a job and worry about loosing it they can create income in any situation and any economy and do it ethically.

If this is something you and your homeschooling family is interested in and would like to learn I will let you in the course for free just give us a testimonial for our site that will help us out for the launch..

It will be a great learning experience for the whole family and you could even make some money later as you learn more..

A win win situation!

Let me know if I could help, we love to help families and the Internet is growing faster than our kids so we need to keep them informed of were the world of business and entrepreneurship is moving!

Are you ready for your home school business education?

Joanne Utke

Digital Product Boot Camp

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