Jun 2, 2010

Unschool Adventures

 Anything Can Be A Unschool Adventure Too               

             Unschool Adventures, An Unschool Field Trip: Today my kids wanted to come in with me to pay our electric bill so naturally I had them come in. We went in and looked around the room as we stood in line then my kids wanted to go sit in the nice comfy chairs so I let them go. We noticed after that they had a light bulb usage display and it looked interesting, after I paid we went and took a look at it, it had a hand crank to generate the power and light switches to switch the lights on and a meter measuring the usage, the kids loved it. Then they had a bunch of free stuff for the kids, coloring books about water safety, pencil, stickers etc, of course they had a paper about saving energy and I took one.. We said thank you and our little unschool field trip was almost complete, tonight when we read before bed we will read our coloring books and free paper and I am sure we will learn a thing or to about power, water safety, and saving energy in them..

It is amazing the things you can learn just around your town. One thing we like to do when we go places it take any available pamphlets that they may have take them home and read them. You and your kids will not only be reading about the places you visit daily but you will also be learning about the places you spend your money, and you may as well know who gets your money!

That was our Unschool Adventures for today!

Thanks for reading.

To your families success!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. certainly there are things we can learn out and about. I like the way the company provided drawing materials etc - hope the kids enjoyed their evening ..

I've just written two posts you might like to look at with the kids .. on silent films, and a local reservoir - where I show some of the flora and fauna .. also 600 year old skeletons and finding out who one was .. that's number 3!

Have a good summer holidays - Hilary

lifeisagift said...

Will do Hilary thanks for you comment!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne .. hope you enjoy them .. I'm sure the kids will!

Chase at Silent Cacophony.com .. has some colouring things up - as a post this last week .. the kids might enjoy ..

In fact my recent volcano one the kids might enjoy too - got colours in there, and winds?!

Bye .. have fun and cheers to you all .. Hilary