Jul 27, 2011

Natural Health

This sign was hanging in Chuck E Cheese!
    I have been doing some research into natural medicine and homeopathic treatments. Holistic health care has always been something that I love to learn about. There is just something miraculous about living off the land and not just that but allowing nature to heal you! A long time ago, human beings relied on this way of living and healing. Nature was all that man had. Nature was so miraculous to ancient man, they fashioned stories of the gods who ruled nature and there for ruled man.

Most people still attribute nature and the universe to God, rightly so being a believer myself. But this article is not about the existence of a higher power. This article is about natures medicine and using plants the way people have for thousands of years.

The modern age of man has brought many changes, some good and some bad, mostly here we are talking about medicine. Modern man has deviated from the healing powers of nature for the laboratories of  men. We have deviated from the warmth perfection of mothers milk to hard plastic bottles and scientifically engineered baby formula! Well, not all of us! I wanted no part of that and breastfed both my babies for two and a half years each, you just can't bottle perfection lol!

Even 100 years ago the average person could tell you how to treat a cold using food or how to make a salve for a cut. Today most people couldn't tell you the health benefits of garlic or broccoli for that matter. Modern man has deviated from holistic health and homeopathic treatments to heal what ails the body. To much focus on pharmaceuticals and turning to man for the answers. We often times ignore the simple way that food can heal us and turn to a quick fix pill or surgical procedure.

I have been learning about holistic health for many years. I first become interested in it as a teenager, at the same time I was also into fitness and spent most of my spare time reading about how to be healthy and fit. It has always amazed me how everything we need to be healthy is provide in nature. Nature has exactly what our bodies need to to stay healthy and combat viruses, bacteria, even cancer. Human beings have been using nature for thousands of years if, we are talking proven ways of healing the body.

So why now in the last 100 years have human beings in this modern world embraced artificial ways of making our foods and the way we heal our bodies? Why are we abandoning the proven ways of healing for modern chemically altered and body invasive treatments? Man has been moving a way from nature and closer to man for solutions, which is usually driven by greed. I will say, that many treatments of modern medicine, started out with good intentions and many of the revolutionary treatments we have today are do in fact save lives with minimal risk to the patients. Yet even these minimal risk treatments of today can and do become abused. Leading to increased risks to patients. I believe it is greed that propagates it.

We live in a world where c section is marketed as the normal way to give birth and breastfeeding is many times not even mentioned, yet practiced but many woman. We are injecting the bodies of our babies with vaccines that contain toxic chemicals like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, biological properties (DNA) of animals and aborted fetal sell tissue, and we are told that it is not harmful to our health and is safe for our babies! Our world is flipped inside out! The more we move away from nature the sicker we become as a race. In the last 100 years we have seen a rise in auto immune diseases, brain cancers, other cancers, brain damage, autism, depression, and ADD/ADHD.

The list goes on really. You may say that much of this has to do with the way we share information today or the fact that their is more people. All I am saying is that the way we have moved away from nature and into mans so called solutions has been a huge contributing factor to the rise in these health problems. It is common sense. What can we do about it? Sometimes we may feel powerless to it and believe me I do sometime. Although I know there are things we all can do to make it better for our families.

We need to be smarter in this world, we need to question things more

Anything that you don't know can be used against you! I have continued to study about holistic health, nutrition and healing properties of foods in my family. I started by breastfeeding my children for almost three years each child. My focus was and still is on plant based foods. Almond milk is the milk of choice for my children and we often look up the fruits and veggies that we eat and read about what that particular food will do in our bodies and for our health. We are constantly looking for healthier ways to cook, eat and live. I talk to my children regularly about healthy foods.

My Top 3 Things That Anyone Can Start Doing Today, For Better Health!

1. Make everything or as much as you can from scratch and in your home. Get out your cook books and put the kids to work making all of your families meals and treats. Use as minimally processed ingredients as you can. Think about it which is healthier a cookie you bought in the store wrapped in plastic that has been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. Or fresh baked cookies that you made your self with ingredients that make sense. Not a bunch of scientifically created preservatives and fillers.

2. Focus all of your meals on fruits veggies and whole grains. Each meal is a possibility to eat some fruit or veggies. Fruits go great with breakfast, or desert and provide superb energy and nutrition for the body. Raw veggies with a good healthy dip is a great addition to any meal. In my home we usually have some raw and some cooked.

3. Keep extra contaminants away from your family! Some chemical contamination you have no control over but some you do and this is how you can protect your family from them. Read the labels before you buy cleaning products for your home, make sure not to choose products that contain harmful chemicals. Especially look out for o toxic chemical contaminants that are introduced directly into your body, via skin or blood. It is just common sense not to use harmful chemicals if you don't have to.

As always keep learning and making changes for the better! You will be glad you did... Comments appreciated!

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