Jul 26, 2012

Back to Homeschool 2012

     It is true summer is headed to a close and while some parents may be relieved to send the kids back to school we get the privilege of keeping them home. For us the only thing that really changes is that we do more work books during the school year, everything else stays pretty much the same. I must confess however that I am looking forward to a new start of our homeschool year, especially since this has been a tough summer for our family.

It gives us a opportunity to get on a better routine, not that we ever really have much of one lol! Yet there are some things we need to change in order to provide ourselves with a productive homschool year. For one the kids have to start going to bed earlier and wake up earlier to. This way we can get all the things done that we need to including house hold chores and outside activity. We also like to get workbooks done early in the day so we have the rest of the time for everything else.

Another way that we like to start fresh is buy getting the house in order and all of the homeschool stuff including homeschool area organized and ready for back to homeschool. We also like to get last years samples and the kids best art work out of the way and into our portfolio and make room for the new years curriculum that we will be picking up at the beginning of August.

There is a lot to do before we go back to homeschool but it is a new start and that is always good, not to meantion another great homeschool year with my boys ages 6 and 9. It is not always good and comfortable but we are learning and learning together. We don't miss any moments good or bad and that is a good thing : )
Many blessings to you and your family!

From Joanne

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