Nov 1, 2012

Our Halloween 2012

Halloween fun!

First of all I hope you all had fun and safe Halloween with your families! We didn't do to much this year. The kids dressed up again in there Mario and Luigi costumes, watched a movie or two, then we went to my parents house to take the kids to visit my niece.

We were supposed to be there earlier but decided to continue as planned. At the last minute I decided to bring our Pomeranian, ironically named Angel, with us, she always makes such a fuss when we go someplace. Naturally she loves going places so who am I to keep her at home all the time. I never imagined what was going to come of it, this Halloween!

When we got to my parents house my niece was busy so we went to my aunts house across the street for a little visit and trick or treating. After that we went back over to my parents house. The kids immediately started playing and having fun!

What a cute chick!

Before I continue with our Halloween story let me back up a few days. A few days ago my niece dropped by after school. At her school they were learning about chicken development and now had some new baby chicks in her class. Well, one of the chicks got to come home with my niece and she was very exited about it!

The kids had fun for a little while playing with the chick and it was so cute! I remember being a kid and every year around Ester time we would get some baby chicks, kids love chicks.

Back to my Halloween story.

So it is Halloween 2012, the kids are all having fun and eating candy. I was sitting down visiting my parents and talking with my mom. We had to be there about 30 min when I noticed my niece with her head covered but she didn't say anything. Then my oldest son says "Angel has the baby chick!"

We all had forgotten in the excitement of Halloween that little chick! I totally forgot that earlier this week my niece had obtained this chick. I also did not expect that it would be sitting in a box in the back of the dinning room.

As soon as we noticed Angel she dropped it and ran away from it. What the kids thought was confirmed. she had gotten to the chick and killed it! Now my niece is crying! Her baby chick that she was loving and caring for was killed by our dog!

I felt so bad! This is the 3rd animal that our dog Angel has killed in the 5 years that we have had her. A few years ago she had killed a huge rat outside and then a baby bird in the yard the following year. I posted about the bird fiasco titled, A Lesson for the Kids!

A dog is a dog.

I don't blame her after all she is a dog. It was nothing to her and she didn't know that this chick was something to my niece.

As far as she new someone left a perfectly good meal just sitting in a box! Obviously after the fact she new she had done something wrong because we were all upset at her.

Now, ,niece is crying and my children are also upset. My 6 year old says "this is the worst Halloween ever!" Obviously it could always be worst but this was not expected at all. We probably should have stayed home or not have brought the dog, but who new?

Another lesson for the kids.

We all learned that we need to be more mindful of the people and animals in our life. We should have asked more questions and just paid more attention to what was going on. We also learned a valuable lesson about nature and nurture. My niece had been being a mom to this little chick and our carnivorous canine felt the call of nature and took a bite!

I think we city folk sometimes forget the role that animals play in our world, especially our cute and loving pets. We often forget that our cute and cuddly pets are animals first and our family members second.

Final thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Halloween story. I am still sad that this happened but that's life. Today my dad was going to get a replacement chick for my niece. The irony of the whole thing is that a few days ago when we first met the chick we casually said "don't let Angel near it or she may eat it!" Today we are pretty much over it. All we can do from this experience and all experiences is just learn from it and move on.

If you haven't already please read my post titled Halloween, where I talk about Halloween and what it really means.

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