May 17, 2013

Every Day Is Special Holidays Around The Globe

    I wanted to do a post about a great blogger that I found. It is called Every Day Is Special, on this blog everyday is a new day to remember a new holiday, cultural tradition, someones birthday and much more. The authors of this blog does a great job at addressing several different interesting special days every day of the year. My children and I have had a great time reading the daily posts and learning about so many special days in our human history.

This is a great blog for anyone especially homeschooling/unschooling families alike. Make it a special event of your own and everyday read about the special things that are going on around the world for the given day. It helps me to do something with my kids that I have longed to do but kind of got out of. My plan was to share and learn with my children about all the major holidays that take place every month. For the most part we do, but this blog makes it a lot easier.

 I have to say this blog was a great idea and it is done very well I hope to enjoy it for a long time. I hope you can enjoy it with your family too :)

As always comments always appreciated :) Have a great day to your families success.

From Joanne

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