Apr 27, 2009

Latin Curriculum Home Schooling

Latin Curriculum resources that I have found.

I will be updating this post as I find new resources to tell you, for those who want to get some language curriculum.

The Latin is not so tough workbooks and more a full on Language curriculum for your home schoolers!

I am getting this one as soon as possible The Latin is not so tough Starter Kit the second starter kit, this one is made for the early learner it has the first 3 workbooks plus answer keys and flash cards and more!

This curriculum looks great and I can't wait to get it, I will be searching the net for revues and see what others think but for now it looks like just what I am looking for!

Greek n Stuff

Talk Now Language Course

For a Christian based Latin Course it was recommended to me the Prima Latina.


Anonymous said...

We are using Prima Latina to study Latin as a family. We enjoy it very much. I think it's funny that so many people complain about having to take Latin in college or whatever. I find it very interesting. Husband is also studying Japanese. I would like to add Hebrew and Greek too...not to learn to perfection, but it helps to know the fundamentals and acquaint ourselves with various languages.

cahomebizmom said...

Great Thanks for the reply, I will look into that one, it is great to know other languages and I also want to do a little Greek and Hebrew later also.