May 28, 2009

Home Schooling

sun,sun clip art, This summer learn how to start a home business
It is near the end of the school year and I hope you all did well, this was our first year we learned a lot and I was surprised at how fast children learn my son did not read when we started and now has been reading at a first grade level and getting better everyday. We learned so much and had fun despite some difficulties we have had in the past year.

I also learned a lot about being patient and becoming a good teacher to my kids. This next school year I plan on being more organized and stick to our schedule better as well as getting involved in more out of home activities.

We don't plan on stopping our educational activity for the summer however we will still be working in our workbooks and reading books.

I have gotten all of my sons first grade year curriculum already so we will be getting started on that as well. Most of all this summer we want to have lots of fun and do many things because everything is a learning experience there is always so many opportunities to learn and educate ourselves and that is the focus that is why I home school.

Look for my new posts I will be posting about some great activities that we do and you and family can do as well.

Thanks for reading!

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