May 13, 2009

Free Math Curriculum

I love math, math clip art, click for math games   For Math we are using the Houghton Mifflin curriculum, the workbook is great and it is full of color and clear images the kids love.

This curriculum is very easy to use and we have the first grade one for the coming up school year.

The kindergarten one we did touched on everything a child need to learn in K and then we supplemented the learning with math blocks, counting cubes, pattern blocks etc you can get these at any school store and the kids love to use them.

And don't forget your kitchen is a great place for math aids. Baking is a great way to teach fractions using measuring cups and spoons and dry beans are always helpful for counting out math problems.

For pre school children teach more and less using cups of juice or water etc just get creative and you will see that math is all around us and every opportunity is a time for learning.

The post below has the link for the HM site were you can learn more about the curriculum choices they have.

Also check the FREE Printable Worksheet site for some great math worksheets.

I also love to go to The Dollar Tree store they have great workbooks and I have gotten many math workbooks there.

Check your local dollar store, Wall Mart, Target stores these are great places for workbooks and cheaper than a school store.

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