Oct 5, 2009


Do you play chess?

I never did until my son at three wanted to play. So we learned how and by the time he was four he really had the hang of it, he still needed practice of course so we played when we felt like it. I was surprised he learnt it so fast! I always thought it was hard to learn but to my surprise it is a very easy game.

I would like to get him into a chess club for his age, but I have not found one in the area yet.

The Christmas before last we got him a really cool chess set, I wanted to share it with you I think it is really cool!

Chess, home schooling

I like chess for kids because it teaches so many important lessons like, critical thinking, thinking ahead, making decisions and consequence. Knowing what to do when to do it as well as learning from the opponents move knowing how their actions will affect you.

All of these lessons can be applied in the game of chess as well as in real life!
We need to play more for sure, have you ever considered chess as fun tool for life lessons?

Do you play chess with your kids too?

It is never to late to learn and from my experience it is easy and I feel most kids at four and five can easily learn the game with just a few lessons..

Thanks for reading I wish you all well and the best of success!

From Joanne

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Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Wow, playing Chess at four! That's great!

Our son has recently shown interested in learning to play Chess or Checkers, too. He sees the older kids playing it at our library. I really like the Disney version you posted. Will be sure to check it out online or in stores soon. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Many Blessings....

Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve