Dec 2, 2009

Positive Letters

poinsettias, christmas flowers, Merry Christmas, holiday flower
Hello, I wanted to introduce you to one of our friend's, Hilary. We met her at an event last year and she was so very nice. She has a wonderful blog called Positive Letters, it's full of great stories and information. She reminds us that in life each and every event is an opportunity to learn something new and we can do it all year, every year, any day!

Take a look!

Christmas tree, Merry Christmas,


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joanne and all your readers -

Thank you so much for the Positve tick for my blog!

I gather that you're all learning lots of new things at school - this world of ours is so wonderful and I hope that my blog and some of my stories, or informational posts will inspire you ..

Enjoy - and please let me know how you get on .. and any qeustions I'll be happy to answer ..

Have Christmases and all the best for the New Year coming ..

Joanne - thanks for the thoughts - you have a great time with the family .. your two photos of the pointsettia (please see my blog to find out where they came from) and the tree - are both wonderful: warming my heart on this wet morning (yet again!)

Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters

cahomebizmom said...

I wish you all the best! Thanks for the great content and stories!

Yes we have been learning a lot. Life is to short not to be learning from it!