May 29, 2009

Get To Know Your Community Social Studies Project

        The other day my kids and I went to the store and like always my son picks up one of the free pamphlets provided by the store and I let him take it, when we got home we sat down to do some school work, after we did that we read the pamphlet and actually learned a lot about the grocery store we got it from.

So my home schooling social studies idea is this when you go to the store pick up a free store pamphlet and read it cover to cover when you get home and you and your children will learn something about the stores you shop at and possibly more about the owners of the stores, then have the child do a project relevant to what you learned in the pamphlet drawl a picture right a short story etc get creative with it. This is a great social studies project

The one we read was all about how the store we go to recycles and uses recycled goods as well as how there store brand is a very healthy brand with no artificial stuff in it etc..

What a great opportunity to teach kids about recycling and why it is important to buy recycled goods, then you can do a recycling project in your home etc..

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